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The Meaning of Sirius

With regard to Robert Schoch’s suggestion that the ancients may have known about the binary nature of Sirius (“Secrets of the Dogon,” AR #103, Jan-Feb 2014), there is also evidence that the Greeks may have been aware, via Egypt, of Regulus B, the smaller of the two stars which comprise Regulus, the alpha star of Leo.

The late Edna Leigh, as recounted by her daughter and son-in-law Florence and Kenneth Wood in their book, Homer’s Secret Iliad, spent countless nights as a child in Kentucky, gazing up at the movements of the visible bodies of the night sky. Coming to the Iliad, she was able to analyze it, in sufficient detail to prove her hypothesis, as a description of the night skies, which held such great religious and practical significance for the ancients. Leigh identified the Argive king Agamemnon with Regulus, one of the four royal stars of the Persians.

It occurred to me that it might be interesting to yoke Regulus with Agamemnon in Aeschylus’ Oresteia trilogy, and see what emerged. This research was a spinoff of my principal research interest, which is the Greek influence on English literature (my published papers are on www.academia.edu). Agamemnon, the first play in the cycle, is notorious for its inconsistencies of time and location, which is often suggestive in literature of hidden content. To cut to the chase, I have examined the play in the original Greek, and find that the trilogy is an allegory of the heliacal rising of Regulus. Aeschylus had a sound artistic reason for this. The star Regulus in the Oresteia betokens the dispensation of the old world of Persia, the supersession of which by the Athenian miracle Aeschylus wished to celebrate. The sun, rising soon after Regulus to engulf it, is yoked to Clytemnestra, Agamemnon’s queen who murders him. Aegisthus, Clytemnestra’s lover, is the final state of the sun-star union. The sun was the prime symbol of Apollo in Hellenistic culture; and the Greeks took the Athenian Apollonian ascendancy to represent the victory of reason over the superstitions and religions of the cultures, which had preceded them.

The Woods do not mention Cassandra in their discussion of Edna Leigh’s work. Cassandra, the prophetess, has accompanied Agamemnon throughout the Trojan War, and in Aeschylus’ play she follows closely in the king’s steps as he approaches his death. I propose that she represents Regulus B, the constant companion of Regulus A (Agamemnon). This would be entirely consistent with the principles of Leigh’s scheme.

Aeschylus had fought at the battle of Marathon and so would have had a deeply personal interest in the theme of the Oresteia as allegory. As a Pythagorean, he would have derived his esoteric knowledge ultimately from the Egyptian tradition.

Needless to say, my work on the Oresteia has little chance of being published in a mainstream Classics journal, but I live in hope.

Michael Buhagiar Ph.D., University of Sydney, Aus.

Higgs Debate

Your report “The Higgs Boson Is ‘Fake’ Declares German Physicist” (AR #103, p. 10), claims that Dr. Alexander Unzicker believes that the “discovery of the Higgs boson would have been considered ridiculous by physics’ greatest minds.”

I strongly disagree!

On the other hand, I would have preferred Higgs had shar­ed his 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics with Dr. John Ballou New­brough, had the committee known of Newbrough’s scientific treatise, The Book of Cosmogony, which deals with the science of how solar systems are formed.

Dr. Unzicker is simply wrong for dismissing the discovery of “a new particle” (known in the media as the ‘God’ particle).

May I point out to him, as well as all the skeptics, that Peter W. Higgs, apparently, introduced the existence of boson particles “in 1964,” yet The Urantia Book, published in 1955, had already predicted its discovery, stating: “There is innate IN matter and present in universal space a form of energy NOT [presently] known on Urantia [Earth].” It is stated, furthermore, on the same page (p. 467) “When this discovery is finally made, then will physicists feel that they have solved, almost at least, the mystery of matter.” Nevertheless, says the same book, already published in 1955, “but in no sense will they have found God.”

The recent discovery of the Higgs “boson” is consistent with what Dr. Newbrough already knew, about 131 years ago, when he wrote in The Oahspe, in The Book of Thor 4:13, that the nature of an atom is similar to a solar system, that God had made “atomic parts to all things, and made them float in ethe. As the earth is to the air and ether above, so is an atom of corpor to the ethe’ic solution [in space].”

This is corroborated by Smithsonian (July–August, 2013), p. 26, which states, “that all space is uniformly filled with an in­visible substance—now called the Higgs field—that exerts a drag force on particles when they accelerate through it.”

The Kolbrin Bible CRT:l:12, in “Egyptian Texts of the Bronze­book,” refers to this very same particle, stating: “The command was given, ‘Let the smallest of things [the particles, ethe or boson] form the greatest and that which lives but A FLASH form everlastingness.’ Thus the universe came into being as a con­densation of God’s Thought, and as it did so, it obscured Him from all enclosed WITHIN His solidifying creation.”

And so, we are given to understand: “From the greatness came the smallness and from the smallness came

creation, and within the smallest [particles] is greatness and power. For the smallest is far less than the mote [speck], yet it is the uphold­er of the universe, and it shines [invisible to the eye] like the sun beyond the darkness” (GLN:15:35).

God, through Dr. Newbrough, revealed how He “made ethe [or, the boson] the most subtle of all created things, and gave to it power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things” (Book of Jehovih 2:5).

Again, this is consistent with what modern science has dis­covered, to corroborate God’s revelations to man: “The Higgs boson is the physical manifestation of an ethereal fluid (called the Higgs field) [but, described by Newbrough as “ethe’ic solu­tion”] that permeates every corner of the cosmos and imbues ele­mentary particles with their distinctive masses” (Scientific American, “Extreme Physics, Special Collector’s Edition,” August 12, 2013, p .7).

For these very reasons, I am convinced, that Dr. Alexander Unzicker’s book, The Higgs Fake—How Particle Physicists Fooled Nobel Committee, is mistaken, although he may be right that the money used to discover the boson particle could have been better spent, if man, in my opinion, would have accepted God’s word in the first place.

Ernst Brenner, Edmonton, AB, CN

Solar Energy

The reason why the sun has not burned out, with the amount of hydrogen available for its usage, is because it is ever in the process of gathering in new fuel, courtesy of the stray quarks of dark matter coming together to form matter (as hydrogen) in our four-dimensional world.

The reason why not enough mass has been found to reverse the red shift of light coming from the outermost stars (and begin a long period of collapse) is because this mass has not been created yet.

The reason why 19.47 degrees repeats as an anomaly in a few places of our solar system is because it is the angle of refraction between the higher and lower orders of energy. We can see this angle’s manifestation at the sunspots, the Hawaiian Volcano, Olympus Mons on Mars, and at the spots on Jupiter and Neptune. The dimensions of dark matter are rarefied, like air, while our world is made of thicker stuff, comparable to water. When you see a fish in water it is not where your eyes tell you, but is offset by a representation of this phenomenon of refraction.

A transposition of Einstein’s most famous formula, in this case written as E over C squared equals M, shows the relationship pertaining to the creation of mass from the coalescing, super-energized quarks of dark matter. In their realm these disconnected quarks travel faster than the speed of light, but when they organize to become quanta packets they become subject to the laws of light. Quanta packets are actually a half-way house or membrane between the higher dimensions and our world. Without resurrecting parts of the old aether theory, we are left without a medium for the transfer of wave energies. In truth, the dark matter is the aether and the aether is the dark matter.

The reason why an individual electron cannot be detected as it flows from atom to atom in a conductor is because it explodes and returns to its previous state as a cloud of super-energized quarks, leaving our four-dimensional world for the barest of instants before coming together once again at the valence orbit of the next atom away from the electromotive force.

The universe is redundant: see an atom and the resemblance to a solar system; imagine a set of building block parameters that finds equivalent expressions in micro, in medium grades of expression and in macro—all based upon the same core principles.

The rabbis that say that the creation is an ongoing process are right.

Joe Richardson, Holbrook, AZ

NDE Deniers

I’m writing in reference to your article: “Near-Death-Experience Deniers Lashing Back” (AR #102). I died when I was a kid, but that was over 50 years ago so I don’t remember anything. All I know is that people tell me I died—and now I’m back. Why? There were no miracle drugs back in the early ’60s, nor was there much in the way of high-tech machinery. Miracles happen to other people too.

It’s important to remember that the physical world does not mean a solid world. According to modern physics there is NO such thing as a ‘solid’ object. The physical world is a dimension of resonance. Energy resonates in the third dimension so we experience it as solid because our receptors—nerve senses of sight, touch, and so on—pick up on those vibrations. Whether we perceive something as being solid or not has everything to do with how fast or slow the subatomic energies are spinning around. And so what we experience as ‘solid’ is based on our perceptions.

Is the soul physical? No. Is love, hate or imagination physical? No. Science tells us that sometimes the effects of strong emotions may show up in our hormones and bodily chemistry, however. As humans we have our feet in two or more pies, so to speak. One foot is in the third dimension of perceived solidness and the other is in other dimensions. When the physical body becomes no longer habitable by the spirit, the spirit frees itself from the body’s shackles and moves on to those other dimensions—dimensions, by the way, that have been acknowledged by science. Therefore I don’t really care what people say when denying the near-death-experience. Such arguments make no sense.

Sylvia Dailey, Farmington NM

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