Galactic Resonance

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Cycles of Danger

In William Hamilton III’s article “The Cycles of Danger,” (Atlantis Rising, #56) readers need to know that he is speaking about the orbit of our solar system around our Milky Way’s Galactic Center. This orbit is, as he specifies, on the order of hundreds of millions of years. However, Hamilton introduces his idea with a quote from a web site by Roderick Marling, which draws heavily from my books on the original Mayan teachings about 2012. Marling nicely paraphrased and summarized my work on 2012, stating correctly that the solstice sun aligns with the galactic equa­tor in 2012, and this occurs only once every precessional cycle (roughly 26,000 years). Two diagrams on Marling’s web site were taken from my 1998 book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 and illustrate how precession, over thousands of years, has been causing the December solstice sun to slowly shift into alignment with the “nuclear bulge” of our Milky Way (the Galactic Center). Hamilton shares interesting findings regarding our solar system’s sinusoidal wave orbit, moving above and below the plane of our galaxy, over many millions of years. But it needs to be stated emphati­cally that this orbital process is not to be confused with the alignment process that the Maya intended their cycle end­ing date (December 21, 2012) to target. Finally, there was a typo in Marling’s web site: http://www.kamakala .com/ 2012.htm. Accurate information on the galactic alignment of 2012, including essays going back to 1994, FAQs, and the distinction between precessional shifting and orbital period can be found on my web site: http://

John Major Jenkins

Author of Maya Cosmogensis 2012

and Galactic Alignment

Electromagnetism, Plant Wisdom and the Ancients

I was very interested in reading the article “Electromagnetism and the Ancients,” by Glen Kreisberg (Atlantis Ris­ing, #56), because I have researched and personally explored EM (electromagnetic) energy for many years, while late­ly becoming profoundly interested in ancient history, Glen asks the question: “What Does the Evidence Really Show?,” and I would like to share some other possible answers. I was also inspired by the New Age Profile article (also in Atlantis Rising, #56) “Plant Wisdom,” about Stephen Buhner and the “Forgotten Understanding of the Intelligence of Nature.”

The information in these two articles can be combined with another understanding provided by Julian Jaynes in The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. This classic work by Jaynes informs us that in ancient times a part of every human’s brain was devoted to the reception and perception of information from their gods. In other words, the gods once literally talked to humans during the normal course of their daily lives. This idea seems very similar to Buhner’s reference about listening to endangered herbs in his poem Herbology: “Their songs, heard by deeper ears than the physical.” The way Buhner refers to plants talking could be remnants of a more direct way that ancient humans used to listen to their gods!

I believe Buhner’s understanding may shed light on Kreisberg’s conclusion that “a major shift in the approach to these ancient electromagnetic mysteries needs to occur in order for a full debate and examination of the facts and theories to take place within the established academic community.” EM energy transmits information from one field to another, and could thus be called the medium of the message from one dimension to another, or from “god” to “human.” I agree with Glen that “the perspective with which we search is perhaps the key to what we discover.” Therefore, the broader the perspective, the more universally applicable the discoveries.

If pre-flood humanity once was able to hear the gods speak directly to them, then the information necessary to ob­tain everything needed to sustain and nurture life would be readily available without any “scientific” or “techni­cal”knowledge. Any ancient technologies could have been successfully used immediately, without detailed plans or trial and error attempts. But after global devastation (e.g. the Flood that sank Atlantis), and after the breakdown of the bicameral mind, it seems these understandings were lost. However, any residual information, as Kreisberg states, would naturally have been handed down through the generations, since the former technology was such a benefit to all humans. The remaining information would’ve been applied in anattempt to reconstruct some uses of the EM forces of nature. Sometimes results might be very helpful, but oftentimes not, since succeeding generations’ misun­derstandings and lack of reliable knowledge from ancient times would also compound any difficulties resulting from these trial applications.

Even now we still attempt to understand these uses with today’s science. Instead, why not take a new approachby using aistesis—the heart’s ability to perceive meaning from the world—as Buhner defines the simple, inexplicable transfer of energy experienced, for example, when we interact with a young puppy. Maybe we could actually reconnect and use parts of our bicameral brains. Or, at least, let’s employ some good old-fashioned intuition, rather than depending on traditional science, which becomes outdated very quickly these days. Using both our hearts and heads could lead us to another, more productive, Age of the Gods. A new Atlantis is Rising!

David Paulsen Keaau, Hawaii

Temple Alignments

Reading in Atlantis Rising about the significance of orientation of pyramids, ancient stones and the like, I was re­minded of something I happened to notice a few years ago on a business trip to Los Angeles. I had the detailed street map of the city spread out on a table in front of me, studying various features, and for reasons I forget started to look at the location of some of the major “sports centers” in the city—(surely, these are in a way the “temples” of our time.) I was startled to discover that the Rose Bowl (football, Olympics), Griffith Park (baseball), The Coliseum (bas­ketball) and Hollywood Park (horse-racing) are ALL in a straight line. In fact, laying a yardstick down on the map, it goes right through the center of each of these four locations! These were all built at different times, so far as I know, by different people with different agendas. And yet I don’t believe in “coincidence.”

Does anyone have any ideas about this?

Bob Freedman

New York, NY

Forbidden History

I recently borrowed Forbidden History from the library and thoroughly enjoyed it. While reading the section on the Giza power plant by Christopher Dunn, I noticed that the measurements of the base of the pyramid were out slightly (ratio to the circumference of the earth). Here’s a conundrum for you (I don’t know if anyone else has consid­ered this). Is it possible that at the time the pyramid was built the base was exactly the right ratio to the circumfer­ence of the earth but the earth has expanded (according to Maxlow and his geological research) so it is no longer ‘har­monic’? ….or…can the circumference of the earth now determine a clearer date of when the pyramid was built?

KP Internet

Bar Code Mysteries

I was thinking about how we now “write” with fancy bar codes. The new so-called two- dimensional ones just look like a pattern, at least to me.

I have a general question to your readership who are explorers, investigators, archaeologists: If something even remotely similar was seen at an ancient site, would it be assumed to be writing or only decorative pattern?

I am writing this with the hope that those with contacts in the ancient world might look at information with a fresh set of eyes.

Below is a sample (QRCode) which includes the four paragraphs of my letter. it is not even close to the maximum information.

George Richards Rochester, NY

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