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Imhotep’s Black Box

In response to the article, “The Black Box of Imhotep,” (A.R. #101) a couple of things caught my attention.

The author (Robert Bauval) states that the stone pharaoh inside the structure is looking out the peephole in the black box at the Big Dipper. In The Keys of

Wig mists two and. Not from very went visible Happy I, and for!

Enoch, author J.J. Hurtak says that a number of fallen angels live in and around the Big Dipper. It’s possible the Nefilim have ties even there.

From ancient archives, monuments, and cities, many conclude that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials. Some were good guys and others bad guys, and both have made their mark on human history and planet Earth. Also, the immediate future, it is said, will involve good and bad aliens fighting over humanity and Earth, as seen in gray alien cities under our planet’s surface, and current “wars in space.”

One cannot miss the significance of the pharaoh looking at the Big Dipper, specifically the North Star, at the same time when, according to Hurtak, Ea-Sirius (home of B’nia-Or) is shining its brightest in the pre-dawn hours. These two, says Hurtak, are known/sworn enemies. And here is the pharaoh looking at them. Could he be praying for the future galactic war that will finally free humanity from fallen angel control and duality?

Daniel Porter, Cameron, MO


Journeys in Space and Time

I wish to add my perspective on the topic of “Journeys in Space & Time” (A.R. #101), based on ancient teachings of the Bible, which many may have overlooked, which may relate not only to manned space flights but also, perhaps, to “alien abduction.”

Some thirty-four thousand years ago Moses spoke of what, to me, appears to be space travel and/or abductions in the book of Deuteronomy 30:4: “If any of thine be driven out unto the uttermost parts of heaven, from thence [that place] will the Lord thy God gather thee, and from thence he will fetch thee.”

This has nothing to do with people being scattered on Earth but specifically “the uttermost parts of heaven;” and the refer­ence to “any,” meaning “some,” cannot apply to people as a whole!

Nehemiah, in 446 BC, also wrote: “though there were of you cast out unto the uttermost part of heaven, yet will I gather them from thence … ” (Nehemiah 1:9).

In addition, the prophet Amos predicted in 787 B.C.: though they climb [ascend] up to heaven, thence will I bring them down” (Amos 9:2).

What’s up must come down!

We learn, moreover, in the Bible that there will be human attempts to colonize the stars, which was spoken of by the prophet Obadiah more than twenty-five hundred years ago when he predicted, speaking of our present attempts to explore the stars: “Though thou shalt exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest [space station] among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord,” (Obadiah 1:4).

Obviously, such are the “intentions” of man!

These remarkable insights into the future attest to the di­vine inspiration of the Hebrew Bible, as it relates to our present scientific advancement of space exploration.

Ernst Brenner, Edmonton, Alberta, CN


Humans Before Adam

The evidence from Scripture very much supports there being intelligent human beings on Earth prior to the creation of Adam and Eve.

Genesis 1 is usually called the creation chapter. “God said, let there be…” This chapter covers the “seven days” of said creation. Now, most religionists consider those days to be literally seven, twenty-four hour days. Nothing could be further from the truth; that is, if religionists would accept Scripture as it is given to us.

What is far more likely, regarding these seven days, is that each was at least a thousand years long or, one millennium (2 Pet. 3:8). And, there is no concrete evidence given, as to the actual time of the days. That they were not twenty-four hours is shown in Gen. 1:14-19.

Let’s begin with the actual creation of “men and women.”

Gen. 1:26. “And [Elohim] said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion…over all the earth!” Notice the plurality of “us” and “our.” And then take note that I put the word “Elohim” in brackets, instead of “God.” This is because every usage of the word God, in this chapter is the Hebrew word “Elohim,” which Strong’s Concordance says is very much a plural word. And, if you will look up that number, you will find that the most obvious intent of its usage in this chapter is of the “Angels.”

Thus, to paraphrase, it would better be understood to read, “Let us angels create human beings in our image. Humans that resemble us!” And it would seem obvious that it was the Angelic realm (the Elohim) that did all of the work of creation, which makes a lot of sense, much more so than one speaking and, presto, it was done.

Now, to Gen. 1:27: Paraphrasing: “So the Angels created men in their image, in the image of the Angels they created them. Male and female they created them.” Now, if it was the Elohim that created human beings, then why is it that when Adam and Eve were created, it was YHVH that did so. YHVH that “made Adam in His image?” Think about it. If YHVH created the man Adam, then why is not YHVH the one who created men in Gen. 1:26. There is the “singular” Adam, and “plural” men.

Now, Adam is said to have been a “son” of his creator. Which, again, was YHVH. But, we have the words that speak of the “sons of God.” The “sons of the Elohim.” The “sons of Angels.” We are clearly told in Gen. 6:2that when the “Sons of God [of the Angels], saw the daughters of men [Adam and Eve], that they were fair, they took themselves wives of all which they chose.”

Now, an important verse: Gen. 6:4. “There were giants in the earth in those days, and after that. (Meaning, that there were Giants living on Earth, side by side with the descendants of Adam and Eve, giants that were in the form of “giant angels,” clearly shown in other Scriptures.) When the sons of [the Angels] came in to the daughters of [Adam and Eve], and they bare children to them. The same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

Consider these giants, and the Angels that created them. Then think on all of the great building projects that are on Earth today, which most cannot imagine frail humans today bringing into existence. Then consider the “giants,” and the powerful Angels, and does it not make sense that it was the “giant sons of the Angels” that did all of those great works?

A concluding thought. In Gen. 1:1-2, we find an earth that was totally covered with water. But, was this the original condition of the earth when it was first created? Or, could this have been another step in its creation? Who knows how many times the earth was “re-created,” each time adding things to its surface, and below its surface; for example: minerals, jewels, oil and coal, granite and sandstone—with each re-creation adding more things which one day, millennia, a million years, billion years later, would be there for the time when men and man would be created?

Ray E. Daly, Lincoln, NE


The Source of Twelve

A reader wrote (A.R. #100), “It would be interesting to know just how far back the ‘twelve fetish’ can be established and who originated it.” It goes back to Sumerian mathematics and the sexagesimal numbering system—the first known mathematical system. (See the second chapter, “The Sudden Civilization” in Zecharia Sitchin’s The 12th Planet). Vestiges are the 360-degree circle, the foot/12 inches, the dozen, etc. Chinese astrology has a cycle of 12 years; each dominated by an animal, similar to Western astrology with a different sign for each of the 12 months. In the Bible, 12 is a perfect number and has to do with rule. “The sun rules the day and the moon and stars govern the night by their passage through the 12 signs of the Zodiac which completes the great circle of the heavens 360 (12 X 30) degrees that govern the year” (Number in Scripture by E.W. Bullinger). Think also of the 12 Tribes of Israel, the 12 Apostles, etc.

You have a wonderful feature every month about Astrology. Sometimes you touch on numerology, but you can do more. Make Pythagoras proud!

Rev. Barbara, Brooklyn, NY


Gobekli Tepe

I would like to take issue with Andrew Collins’ article (“Gobekli Tepe, The Cosmic Connection,” A.R. #100). Throughout the article he demonstrates the skill and sophistication of the builders and the accompanying photos of the carvings on the stonework. Where I believe he falters is when he tries to interpret a series of curved lines as a “naive representation of a human torso with legs coming together” and, if so, this would make the hole aligned with the vulva. I have to ask why the people who were able to build this complex structure with its intricate carving would suddenly become “naïve” when it comes to this one stone and its carvings.

I believe that those of us who read and those who contribute to Atlantis Rising need to keep an open mind and not make speculative statements such as “naive representation” to make information conform and support personal theories. I feel that it would be better to admit that we do not yet know the purpose of objects then to twist them to support pet theories. That, I fear, puts us on the same level as the “mainstream” archaeologists who many of our readers feel suppress the truth.

Roger Hruska, Concord, NC


King Arthur and the Comet

Perhaps Mark Andrew (“King Arthur and the Comet,” A.R. #99) should examine Zecharia Sitchin’s book, End of Days, as that is about the time frame he says the 10th planet last arrived and passed through the main part of our solar system—the planet of crossing. It would drag with it debris from the edges of our solar system. He believed it would return again about AD 2240.

I wish I could be there to know. No satisfaction for my curiosity. It [the 10th planet] comes not by itself, but with however many of its several moons remain. Something hit Uranus.

My regards for a most enjoyable magazine. It has been most helpful. Including in my genealogy research. “Native American Origins? The Maya Connection” (A.R., #99) has given me new leads on my Creek Indian research—possibly why my youngest son and his father have no Y DNA matches. With a surname of Jones, there should be a bunch. I was pretty sure they were part Creek. Now I’m sure that is right.

Dianna Bourke Privette, Jacksonville, FL


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