For Those with Eyes to See

Whether in Fields or in the Mind, Some Visions Are More Compelling

While the crop circle phenomenon has long been a hot topic in these pages, it’s been virtually ignored by the main­stream media—unless you count the space given to hoaxers. The hoaxers, of course, have done an important service for the conventionally minded media, providing as they do a convenient argument for dismissing the entire phenom­ena as artificial in origin, and thus something not to be taken seriously, but rather to be derided and dismissed. Nev­ertheless, undeterred by the epidemic of denial currently passing for skepticism, serious researchers continue to pur­sue a subject which—if it is what it seems to be—can be nothing less than one of the biggest stories of this, or any other, time. Fortunately, several independent documentaries have focused on the discoveries of these courageous, but unsung, researchers. Here are two worth consideration for your library. And while the true meaning of crop cir­cles may be for those who have eyes to see, in this issue, we would also like to include the documentary story of a woman who did not have eyes to see in the usual way, but did have a kind of sight without which we all may be blind.

STAR DREAMS: Exploring the Mystery of Crop Circles

Robert Nichol

Filmmaker Robert Nichol believes that many crop circles are created by aliens and that they act as a message to uplift humanity during a point of crisis for this earth. He sees this phenomenon as a communique to humankind, in­viting a greater human awareness to emerge. He has produced, written, and directed this documentary to help change people’s perceptions of crop circles, though he says he’s not trying to convince anyone who refuses to be con­vinced; he just wants this before the public and they’ll either resonate with them or not. “I’ve fallen in love with these crop circle images since 1995,” says Nichol. “Here we are, being communicated to by a higher intelligence, and we’re ignoring it….I wanted to lift these circles off the field, so to speak, and put them in the public imagination….It’s a form of high-level communication, mind-to-mind. There are thousands of circles and each one has its own mes­sage. They’re trigger mechanisms, bypassing the rational mind, and they affect us on a deep psychic level.”

Whether or not one can accept the theory that crop circles are caused by UFOs or that energy fields emitted by Mother Earth created the circles, there are some presentations here that might challenge the reasoning faculties, if not the beliefs, of many.

Says Judith Moore (co-author of Crop Circles Revealed): “I believe the first thing that each one of us has to do is get out of our heads and bring our consciousness to our heart chakra and then flow with the divine dance that is the phenomena of the crop circles and allow ourselves to experience the gift.” As a contactee, Judith claims that the orig­inators of the crop circle communique are from the constellation Arcturus. She states that Arcturian engineers are chosen by the Galactic Federation to provide the means of direct mind-to-mind communication with humanity at this time. She further states, “Star glyphs are a form of divine intervention, a cosmic blueprint being integrated into the earth’s grid and ley line points at critical places on the planet to connect to frequencies that were previously set into the grid system by star brothers and sisters who came here as far back as Neolithic times. A matrix was pre­pared, a formula for the ascension of this planet, the awakening of Mother Earth, the birthing of Gaia. Each crop cir­cle is a jewel of creation. Each crop circle carries a fractal and formula for healing the planetary crisis, for awakening higher states of consciousness, for activating our DNA from a two-strand DNA to the full 13-strand DNA. As each one of us scans these through our neuro synapsis, it awakens an encodement in our DNA that interacts with the formulas and affects the collective consciousness.

“The crop circles…work in the realm of quantum physics, but the formulas go beyond any quantum physics that is known to earth science…. On the Arcturian mothership, there are holographic chambers (shows a crop circle that looks like four ships) that carry the blueprint of each crop circle. These formulas, then, are brought into the earth’s energetics and once they come into our biosphere, they actually become light and sound. This project is being care­fully monitored by the Galactic Federation, which is like the United Nations in the purest sense of maintaining the planetary and galactic peace.”

Then there’s the testimony of Alton Kamadon, Publisher of Eagle Wings Magazine, and Founder-Melchizedek Method: “I come from Australia…but my particular experience occurred in England. We had the opportunity to en­ter into a fresh, newly manifested crop circle…we decided to lie on our backs and simply face the sky. I was taken out of my body; I was drawn up into what I would call a light ship, an ET light ship. Right in front of me were two beings…I immediately said, ‘Who are you guys?’ They said, ‘We are the crop circlemakers’….They explained to me that the image was given to their consciousness, and then holographically, they would project this into the said position, working with the electromagnetic energy of the planet, calling upon the elemental kingdom to bring that particular pattern into manifestation.

“They described themselves as being artisans, that their mission is to assist in the spiritual growth or awareness of the human soul group and the planet. There was this sense of being very proud of the mission that they had volunteered to do. They wanted to bring the awareness of ‘fractality’ to humans which is the real secret of expansion into a vibration of light, which is our destiny as a human race—to manifest the next level of our creation, which is a light body. In other words, we are talking about the process of ascension.”

While many other crop circle productions offer a high energy presentation, Nichol presents a more subdued, al­most reverent production of what he believes is an extraterrestrial language embodied in geometry. You will enjoy the spectacular footage of the 2005 circles, including some in the United States.

DVD – 90 min.



CEREAL WORM HOLES: Investigating the Extra-Dimensional Aspects of Crop Circles

Written, Filmed, and Directed by Martin Keitel

During this documentary, you will see that ALL crop circles are genuine, according to Martin Keitel. “They are genuine works of art,” he says, “sometimes very beautiful and complicated, even if they possibly are man-made. But also genuine in the sense that they are giving genuine, paranormal, spiritual, even healing experiences to people visit­ing them, people researching them, and people making them.”

And hoaxing is considered here. Colin Andrews received criticism for his 20/80 percent (non man-made/man­made) finding of 2000, stating that the majority of the crop circles are man-made, and it’s the more complex ones, at that! However, according to Nancy Talbott, President of BLT Research Team, Inc., whose primary focus is crop circle research, the Andrews 20/80 finding was on the money. This information comes from the site, Their study examined specific clay minerals in crop circle soils in an attempt to gather further data which might in­form them regarding the hypothesized presence of microwave radiation at crop circle sites. The results proved to be startling. The plants did show the well-documented changes (elongated apical nodes, presence of expulsion cavities) regularly found in crop circles which are NOT created by mechanical flattening (i.e., with planks and boards). The data appeared to indicate that whatever caused the plant changes also caused the soil changes at the same sampling locations. The intense energy situation required to produce the soil effects would have destroyed the plants altogeth­er. As Dr. Reynolds, the Dartmouth mineralogist and recognized authority on clay minerals, stated, “We are apparent­ly dealing with an energy currently unknown to science.” As is often the case in science, new and intriguing ques­tions have been raised. The notion of mechanical flattening, however, is, without question, ruled out. Says Andrews, “The more simple the design, the more likely, I believe, you’re looking at a non-man interference in the phenome­non.”

So, what about those beautiful, complex designs—created by hoaxers? And how does this information fit into this picture? Simeon Hein, Ph.D., researcher and author, states: “For the longest time, I didn’t think humans could actu­ally make them. I thought it was impossible to do…, but eventually we encountered some human circlemakers and they showed us demonstrations in the daytime and eventually at night.” An interesting thing to him, though, was that he found that there was alternating negative and positive current in these man-made circles—he believes the circlemakers are creating a very advanced form of technology that can create alternating fields of electricity. “And the circlemakers themselves may be channels for the energy from other sources,” he says.

Keitel adds, “Perhaps, even if the crop circles are made by people, the people may have been used as a tool by the higher forces to create this certain kind of pattern in order to have a certain effect on some other people, even if the people who make the crop circle didn’t know why they were inspired to make a particular shape. There have been people who have seen certain shapes in their minds (not the circlemakers), but a couple of weeks later, a circlemaker is inspired to create that shape, suggesting that there is a larger intelligence at work which everyone is connected to that we need to investigate. And that’s why even the man-made circles are mysterious. We know that the human mind can affect reality.”

This presentation doesn’t seem to be as concerned with the question of whether crop circles are man-made or not, but rather what is it about the shapes that creates the energy—whether it’s the shapes of the original phenomenon which made the simple circles over 20 years ago, or the more recent complex patterns, some of which they now be­lieve to be man-made?

They point to the interesting fields of plasma physics, piezo electronics, crystalline technology, magnetics, cymat­ics—subtle energy science, energies that are difficult to measure. Says Keitel, “What we know from this research, es­pecially from the work of Dr. William Tiller of Stanford, is that shapes are the medium through which energies trans­fer from another dimension into physical reality, especially sacred geometry.” Is it all about consciousness, after all?

This web-enhanced production invites you to take a good look, though the background noise overrides the speak­ers on occasion.

DVD 2 Disk Set – 132 min.



SHINING SOUL: Helen Keller’s Spiritual Life and Legacy

Produced and directed by Penny Price for the Swedenborg Foundation

Combining archival footage, interviews, stills, and dramatic re-enactments, this documentary explores one of the most significant and defining factors in the life of this remarkable woman, her religion. In 1927 she published “My Religion,” her public affirmation of the impact of Swedenborg’s message in her life.

In addition to Helen Keller, many remarkable people the world over found inspiration in the spiritual writings of Immanuel Swedenborg, including Yates, Emerson, and the Zen Master, D. T. Suzuki, who dubbed him “The Buddha of the North.”

At age 13 Helen had a crisis of faith, and what she would later come to see as Divine Providence intervened. At this time Alexander Graham Bell introduced her to John Hitz, a former Consul General for Switzerland, who had lost much of his hearing. Devoted to the philosophy of Swedenborg, he became her spiritual mentor—she called him “the foster father of her soul.” For Helen, John Hitz acted as a conduit to Swedenborg, spirituality, and philosophy, becoming the pivotal spiritual influence in her life. He gave her a braille copy of Heaven and Hell, and Helen’s being resonated with Swedenborg’s words. His two concepts of usefulness and the sharing of joy were vital to her. Their imprint became visible in the entire way that she conducted her life.

Some readers may be aware of Helen Keller only from the movie, “The Miracle Worker,” and may have given her little more thought. They would be well advised to take another look now though. “Shining Soul” offers inspiration that goes straight to the heart.

Born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, in 1880, Helen had a normal childhood for the first 19 months of her life, and then her world went dark. How would one handle that? To view this documentary of her amazing accomplishments might prompt a much-needed reality check! Religion seems to be in for a lot of criticism today (and perhaps deservedly so), but here we’re reminded that it can help one through the worst of situations, and Helen lived an exemplary life be­cause of her beliefs.

Language was of utmost importance to Helen. Though her three senses, particularly touch, supplied her with a full account of the external world, it was the gradual unfolding of the senses through imagination and analogy that nurtured in her a thinking mind and a sense of self. Her fundamental argument was that the deaf-blind person need not be or be considered disabled. She believed that an enterprising imagination will give the deaf-blind person what she called “the secret inner will” to find the “analogies” that imply the full sensorium.

She states in her book The World I Live In: “The blind man of spirit faces the unknown and grapples with it, and what else does the world of seeing men do? He has imagination, sympathy, humanity, and these ineradicable exis­tences compel him to share by a sort of proxy in a sense he has not. When he meets terms of color, light, physiogno­my, he guesses, divines, puzzles out their meaning by analogies drawn from the senses he has. I naturally tend to think, reason, draw inferences as if I had five senses instead of three. This tendency is beyond my control, it is invol­untary, habitual, instinctive. I cannot compel my mind to say ‘I feel’ instead of ‘I see’ or ‘I hear.’ The word ‘feel’ proves on examination to be no less a convention than ‘see’ and ‘hear’ when I seek for words accurately to describe the out­ward things that affect my three bodily senses. When a man loses a leg, his brain persists in impelling him to use what he has not and yet feels to be there. Can it be that the brain is so constituted that it will continue the activity which animates the sight and the hearing, after the eye and the ear have been destroyed?”

Out of print for nearly a century, The World I Live In is Helen Keller’s most personal and intellectually adventur­ous work—one that transforms our appreciation of her extraordinary achievements. Here this preternaturally gifted deaf and blind young woman closely describes her sensations and the workings of her imagination, while making the provocative argument that the whole spectrum of the senses lies open to her through the medium of language. Standing in the line of Emerson and Thoreau, The World I Live In is a profoundly suggestive exercise in self-invention, and a true, rediscovered classic of American literature. Though better known for The Story of My Life, it’s been stated that The World I Live In is a more warm and beautiful work that brings us intimately close to (in her words) the mind of a woman for whom language was life.

Right alongside her throughout this video is, of course, Anne Sullivan, another truly remarkable woman. Inter­estingly, Anne was an atheist, showing that though so closely connected, they really did live in different inner worlds.

This is a clean, elegant production.

DVD – 60 min.




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