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I am honored to be asked to serve as the new energy columnist for Atlantis Rising. I am filling big shoes.

Dr. Gene Mallove, the first to write this column, was, and continues to be, one of my heroes. His scientific and moral leadership and fearless advocacy of new energy R&D set the standard for all of us.

Jeane Manning is a beloved colleague and an unmatched journalist for her comprehensive and clear coverage of the discoveries of new energy scientists and inventors. One of my first primers when I entered this field in 1996 was her book, The Coming Energy Revolution. She and co-author Joel Garbon have brought that account up-to-date in Breakthrough Power (www.breakthroughpower.net). No one can claim to speak with any authority about the past, present, and future of frontier science, new energy, R&D without studying these works.

I bring a slightly different perspective from my predecessors, stemming from a career in public service that in­cludes work at the federal level as legislative aide to Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, a pioneer in environmental legislation and advocacy, and as a representative on capitol hill for the New Energy Movement (newenergymove­ment.org). In the new energy field, I have served as Executive Director of the New Energy Movement, an educator of policy makers, journalists, and investors, and as a finder of capital for new energy scientists and inventors.

In my first column, I will be sharing information and commentary on the exciting Conference on Extraordinary Technology which happened at TeslaTech (teslatech.info) in Albuquerque, NM from July 30 to August 2, 2009. This event was co-sponsored by the New Energy Movement.

TeslaTech is an amazing resource. Arising from a series of Extraordinary Science gatherings sponsored by the Tesla Society, it has been producing invaluable conferences on breakthrough energy and health technologies since 2004. Headed by Steve Ellswick, along with a staff anchored by Terry Brady, TeslaTech has consistently provided ex­citing and highly informed speakers and demonstrations, which appeal to both professionals and amateur tech-savvy participants. If the annual TeslaTech conference series didn’t exist, we’d surely have to invent it.

After a brief overview of some of the conference highlights, I will focus on what I believe was one of the most ex­citing sessions in which Nassim Haramein presented his breakthrough “new physics.” My summaries draw from an excellent conference blog published by Greg Volk on the World Science Database (www.worldnpa.org).

Marko Rodin, creator of base 10 number theory, has also developed his innovative Rodin Coil. The Coil features adjacent but oppositely flowing currents wrapped around a torus. The large shear between currents is responsible for a host of potential applications, including feats that cannot be done with conventional toroid coils. Jamie Buturff, an experimenter working with Rodin, demonstrated some of these applications.

Dr. Moray B. King discussed water as a source of Zero Point Energy (ZPE). He focused particularly on a mis­conception that hydrogen is the key element in explaining the magical properties of Brown’s gas. Although hydrogen is one component of the total mixture, King emphasized the importance of properly conditioned electrodes. For those wanting more information, I recommend the numerous references to be found by looking up Moray King at www.PesWiki.org.

Dr. Peter Grandics discussed electric phenomena associated with the Giza pyramids and their impact on living beings. Speaking of the electric potential differences in Earth’s atmosphere as the cause for some thunderstorms, he proposed a copper-plated pyramid as an efficient antenna for harvesting this natural energy flow. By pulling current in from the ground and the atmosphere, Grandics’ experiments with actual pyramids obtained power gains of 80 times or more. These systems may create self-running energy sources, and they could also be used to dampen the power of destructive storms like Hurricane Katrina. An excellent, in-depth article by Grandics, “The Pyramidal Elec­tric Transducer” can be found in Infinite Energy, Issue 73, 2007.

Paul Pantone drew a capacity crowd as no one wanted to miss hearing about his ordeal in Utah mental institu­tions where he landed, thanks to trumped up charges from a corrupt legal system. Pantone’s GEET technology is a paradigm busting clean energy plasma system that has been tested successfully all over the world and shown to be an innovative way to use all kinds of fuel to bring about both more fuel economy and less pollution. Pantone was told he could have his freedom if he sold his technology to interests that would bury it like so many other working new ener­gy technologies have been blocked from production. Rather than sell, Pantone held out and today he is giving away plans for one of his GEET applications over the internet. Moreover, he is back to work researching GEET gas, which Greg Volk calls “a veritable treasure trove of anomalies.” For example, GEET defies the carbon-in-carbon-out rule, since some carbon is clearly transmuted in the GEET process. At the end of the conference, Pantone presented a well-attended workshop for people who wanted hands-on guidance in building and experimenting with GEET devices.

Sterling Allan’s masterful overview of developments in the new energy field concluded the conference. Allan is the driving force behind PESWIKI.com, NewEnergyCongress.org, FreeEnergyNews.com and PureEnergySys­tems.com, the preeminent collection of websites for following and understanding what is going on in alternative en­ergy, particularly energy technologies on the research and development frontier. The mission of this news and direc­tory service is to find and facilitate the implementation of the best renewable energy technologies. I recommend that everyone view his presentation, “The Keppe Motor and other Breakthrough Technologies,” which can be found at http://peswiki.com/index.php/Events2009:ExtraOrdinary_Technology_Conference

Nassim Haramein’s physics theories and mathematical formulas are revolutionary contributions both to the world of physics and our fundamental understanding of the universe and ourselves as actors within the universe. Thanks to his contributions, we now have the theoretical underpinnings for practical engineering that will allow us to extract unlimited, clean energy from the vacuum, the Plenum or sea of energy, in which we are immersed.

Haramein has spent most of his life researching the fundamental geometry of hyperspace, studying a variety of fields ranging from theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry to anthropology and ancient civilizations. Combining this knowledge with keen observation of nature, he discovered geometric insights fundamental to creation, laying the foundation for his Unified Field Theory.

This unification theory presents a new solution to Einstein’s Field Equations. It lays down the foundation of what could be a fundamental change in our current understanding of physics and consciousness. This groundbreaking the­ory has been delivered to the scientific community through peer-reviewed papers and presentations at international physics conferences.

Haramein’s theories and underlying mathematical formulas bring about a new understanding of physics that par­allels the insights into the nature of reality presented by spiritual masters through the ages. Moreover, he is complet­ing the dream of Einstein to achieve a unified theory of physics that resolves the contradictions between relativistic and quantum views of reality.

In his latest paper, “The Schwarzschild Proton,” Haramein presents some 15 equations which describe the proton of an atom in pure semi-classical and classical terms; that is to say, in the mechanics of black holes. His theory points to an elegantly simple scaling order in the universe with profound implications for all of us.

Haramein’s theoretical and mathematical insights are gaining peer-review support from physicists in this country and abroad. He recently made his formal presentation to physicists at the Liège University Institute of Mathematics, a prestigious scientific center in Belgium founded by Napoleon Bonaparte, where his Schwarzschild Proton paper won the best paper award in the category of Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Field Theory, and Gravitation.

Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher introduced his concepts to physicists in England. Although his theories are controversial, his papers have been gaining more and more acceptance in the mainstream community. There is little reason to doubt from this progress that his breakthrough will eventually gain universal acceptance.

Here is my non-mathematical overview of the key concepts in Nassim Haramein’s theory of space and matter:

1. Space can be infinitely divided, with the division going continuously toward infinity or singularity.

2. Space is intensely full of energy. This vacuum energy is the fundamental origin of matter.

3. Matter is a function of space. Within space, where energy is coherent, the material world develops or appears, be­ing created out of “spin” or structuring of the energy of space.

4. The proton is a little vortex in space that radiates enough energy (the so-called anomalous magnetic moment of the proton) to appear as matter.

5. Galaxies, atoms, and protons all emerge from space or the vacuum as highly energetic vortices.

6. Matter emerges from space and returns to space. Instead of matter defining space, space defines matter. In other words, the entire material world emerges from the highly energetic fluctuation of the vacuum.

7. The proton is a miniature “black hole” and by extension, each of us—all our protons and atoms—are “black holes” connected to the infinite energy of the vacuum.

8. Haramein’s calculations show that there is still the mass of the universe in terms of vacuum energy inside the proton volume, therefore demonstrating that all protons are entangled as a result of the vacuum being present every­where, which proves that all is One. In other words, there is no separation between elements of reality. Every proton, atom, and fragment of material reality is influencing all things, and all things are influencing every other element—a scientific statement of the spiritual insight of Oneness that all the spiritual masters through the ages have affirmed.

The implications of these concepts are immense, providing an understanding that can transform the lives of indi­viduals and societies. Instead of a world of scarcity in which so many of us have been conditioned to believe, we are living in a universe of infinite abundance. Out of this abundance we can build a world that works for everyone, a non­zero-sum reality that could lead to an end to poverty and war. Instead of a world of separate individuals and societies with limited power, we are living in a world of deeply connected humans who potentially have access to the infinite power of the entire universe.

Haramein’s theories make a significant contribution to moving the inventions and theories of new energy scien­tists and inventors from proof of concept to technology ready for human use. As his work helps us to understand at a fundamental level the science of new energy, it allows us to engineer devices that extract energy directly out of ple­num of the vacuum. Just as the theories underlying atomic energy allowed the Manhattan Project to create the atom bomb, so, too, Haramein’s theory opens the door to a new physics that may give us the capacity to create an energy technology that extracts power from the vacuum that is clean, plentiful, and contributes to the building of sustaina­ble societies.

With growing acceptance of Haramein’s work within the physics establishment, we can remove one of the major barriers to progress, as there will be theory available to explain and make credible the heretofore anomalous experi­mental findings being discovered all over the world. Acceptance by the mainstream scientific community will help to open the doors to the public and private capital needed to fund the new energy revolution.

The Tesla Tech conference is one of the two most valuable new energy events each year, the other being Tom Va­lone’s conferences on future energy. The next Conference on Future Energy will be co-sponsored by the New Energy Movement and will take place in Washington, DC on October 8-9, 2009. Information and insights from this event will appear in future columns.

By Steve Kaplan

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