Expanding Your Internet Resources

Last issue, in this space, we wrote about our recent—and soon to be—published books from the Atlantis Rising Library, and now we would also like to make you aware of great, new Internet options available to you. If you have not visited Atlantis Rising.com lately, you may not be aware of the many changes we have been making, so here’s a summary.

The main thing we want you to know about is the much improved Atlantis Rising online Library. To check it out go to AtlantisRisingMagazine.com, or to Atlantis Rising.com, and click on ‘Library’ in the navigation bar. Here you will now find all articles we have published since AR #54, except for the most recent issue, at which you are now looking. In the years ahead we hope to post eventually the content from all of our issues (118, and counting) all the way back to #1. But right now you can read, search, and select by category the best array of original research on ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, and future science on the Internet—over a thousand articles from over 10 years of publishing the exciting work of our many world-class writers.

You can view three articles per month for free, but to view more you will need to become an Atlantis Rising Library member. There are three low-cost options: Gold ($6.99 a month for unlimited reading), Silver ($5.99—30 articles a month), or Bronze ($4.99—20 articles per month). As you will quickly learn, membership does indeed have its privileges, and your benefits will easily exceed your expense.

One reward many members will highly value is a free subscription to the downloadable Atlantis Rising PDF edition. Weeks before the paper-and-ink version appears on newsstands, it will be available in electronic form on your favorite computing device, complete with handy internal and external navigation features, bookmarked pages, and searchable content. Many readers have requested this option, but until now, it has been necessary for them to buy each issue individually as it becomes available. Library members will now receive an electronic coupon, which can be used in our online store to download the latest PDF. (Online subscriptions can also be purchased in our mobile App—downloadable for free from the Apple App store.)

Members will also get a 10% discount on all purchases made through the Atlantis Rising Online store. This includes books, DVDs, postal subscription, and everything else we sell. (It does not include shipping and handling charges.) We have also been making improvements in our online store and making your shopping experience more stimulating and pleasant. Don’t miss the Grand Re-Opening underway right now at Shop.AtlantisRising.com and watch for more membership rewards to come.

We are grateful for your continuing support of this very unusual publication. We could not survive without it. In the new and improved Atlantis Rising Library, we like to think we are offering weary web wanderers a virtual oasis of enlightened content. Drop by soon, and let us know what you think.

By J. Douglas Kenyon