Evidence of the Ancients

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Carboniferous Humans?

At first glance, Michael Cremo’s assertion that there is at least some evidence that our species existed during the Carboniferous Period (“Forbidden Archaeology Deep in the Heart of Texas.” A.R. #88), some 300 million years ago, sounds absurd. Even those of us who believe that intelligent design rather than Darwinism explains life on our plan­et are aware that new species always have at least some resemblance to earlier ones, with various body structures be­ing modified in a relatively gradual process. In the Carboniferous, there is no evidence of mammals; even dinosaurs were a long way in the future. Also, the claims for extreme human antiquity are often based on remains that can no longer be located and studied, or remains lacking a “chain of custody” proving beyond a reasonable doubt where they were found. Often we have only the reports of long-dead geologists and paleontologists.

Yet, sparse as it is, the evidence still exists. Even mainstream paleo-anthropologists have grudgingly extended our age back from 50 thousand years in the past to over 120 thousand, and many now accept a date of well over 250 thousand years ago. And the evidence for people like us two, five, or even ten million years ago, is fairly substantial. So let’s keep our minds open.

Ben Stoecker Sacramento, CA

Thanks to Atlantis Rising and Michael A. Cremo—there is no denying the fact—our planet contains overwhelm­ing evidence of antecedent advanced civilizations. Unfortunately, I and various others (professional, political, scien­tific, and layman alike.) have come to the same accord: people in some sort of “authority”—some imagined predom­inance oligarchy—have/are withholding knowledge of humanity’s beginnings from the masses and blinding humanity to the risk of making the same mistakes which once led to its demise.

Fortunately—never in the field of human endeavor has so much been owed by so many to so few—just maybe we will find confirmation around the world and within our own DNA of our advanced human predecessors.

Although it is slow going, Cremo is relentless in his quest, but, sadly, we must rely on the written records of un­professionals in centuries past.

So I ask Dr. Cremo and Atlantis Rising to interview Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and advocate of sev­eral types of advanced civilizations (both past and present throughout the universe). He has different theories. Please combine your efforts.

Humanity is currently at the precipice: becoming whole, healthy, and in harmony with nature and one another; or allowing the few to push destruction once again.

Michael A. Cremo and A.R. are not alone. It is now time everyone starts to demand from those hoarders of antiq­uity, the evidence they still hide and mask from us all, starting with the Smithsonian and every museum and institu­tion all over the globe. Allow those in the know to have a voice!

In “The Secret Doctrine” by Helen Blavatsky, she writes how “evidence” of ages past (epochs) was mineralized by a frequency called “the Great adjuster,” traveling through the universe—it is also mentioned within the pages of the New Testament and referred to as “In the day of the Lord.”

Francisco M. Duran Florence, CO

Atlanteans and Sumerians

I purchase Atlantis Rising each time it comes out. I have some issues dating back to the beginning. Some were actually sent free. I wish I had kept all I bought. This issue (A.R. #88) had two articles, most interesting to myself— “Atlantis in Spain” & “Sumerians in Tiahuanaco.” To follow up on author Frank Joseph: he made a statement in one of his books (which I wish he would expound on in an article), that the Mayan Calendar we see was a carving of an actual working machine, such as the Antikythera computer, in conjunction with cities shaped like Atlantis. Would maybe the Basque have been these people? They at one time controlled this whole area. I have watched and re­searched them since I was in grade school.

On David Childress: I have some of his books, too, but he must have a library 20 times bigger than mine. I have looked for some of the books he has referenced, but he does find some unusual things. South America and the Ay­mara Indians are most interesting. I follow them like the Basque.

Thank you for a most interesting magazine every two months.

Dianna Bourke Privette Jacksonville Fl.

Secrets of the Jinn

Thank you for your several recent articles which mention the Jinn (“Secrets of the Jinn,” A.R. #88). If we under­stood them better, we could be more considerate of our brethren in Spirit.

Except for the TV show, “I Dream of Jeannie,” nobody seems to be much aware of genies and it is somewhat like the blind men feeling the elephant while learning about them. For example one author believes that the Jinn evolve from human thought, but one internet source stated that Jinn were created before humans. Another source said that the Jinn were granted souls because they had to choose between good and evil. That certainly is beyond the kin of man. And are they really an eastern version of western fairies? And what is the Chinese name for them? Surely the Taoists would know. Perhaps the ancient priests dismissed them as “demons” (i.e., the Seddim) because they did not want the common folk using Magick.

Emilie Gosline North Hollywood, CA

Feeling the Future

Quantum mechanics indicates that what duality-causality defines/perceives as change is ultimately the process­ing of data variations, not actual alterations of realty (“Feeling the Future,” A.R. #86). The future, aka fate, invari­ably maintains and sustains variations as temporal continuity, so the details of fate are processed as a “presented” data stream which reveals all pre-determined reality.

This same continuity enables the transit from point A to point B, which math says must pass an infinite number of midpoints. Also, it objectifies reality such that this cosmos is the baseline, whereas multiverses only exist in the math-based hyper-dimensional ether, so “discovering” them will only make them real as discoveries; although even­tually, science, like magick, might conjure etheric entities into our own reality. Arguably, the “known” universe is conjured such that only duality’s Logic can perceive it.

Though the functionality of mental perception is likewise fated, perception’s hyper “self-perception” intercedes, creating Irony, one’s own version of reality.

Hence the most common irony is delusion, the technically false yet logical notion that one causes change via free-will effects. Usually, this version is simply learned as society’s mind-set vision of causality. The “incentive” for adopting delusion is self-control, which is a precondition for having one’s assertions taken seriously. Yet adopting causality forsakes the “messages” of fate which an open mind perceives as a relevant wholeness that self-perception can in good-faith call inspiration.

Because this linear nature of fate is true by comparison to the cyclical nature of delusion, it is its own reward, so the perceiver is not falsely empowered but instead illogically realizes what he already knew. As irony fades away, in­spiration becomes enlightenment, which reveals the paradigm of oneness-equality, not duality-hierarchy. Oneness shows that the future is past, the cosmos has already happened as idea, yet is now being represented/proven in “real­time.”

Ironically, truth is a slender thread in the cosmos; as it were, the everything as perceived via duality overshadows the oneness as perceived via enlightenment. This is because oneness is indicative of an ultimate resolution, which is the holographic peace called eternity. Meanwhile, the gravity-laden universe marches on as programmed reality, yet perhaps one sees light in the tunnel.

B J Street Paso Robles, CA

The Trouble with Atheists

You wrote (“The Trouble with Atheists,” A.R. #86) “In fact, a very strong case for survival was made by a num­ber of distinguished scientists and scholars of yesteryear who represented the Society for Psychical Research …”

An even better, and MUCH broader, case is currently being made by the “Society For Scientific Exploration,” and has been since 1982.

According to Wikipedia: “The Society for Scientific Exploration, or SSE, is a professional organization of scien­tists and other scholars committed to studying unusual and unexplained phenomena that cross traditional scientific boundaries and may be ignored or inadequately studied within mainstream science.[1] The opinions of the organi­zation are usually at odds with those of mainstream science. …

… The Society was founded in 1982 by fourteen scientists and scholars, and the first SSE meeting took place at the University of Maryland, College Park in 1982.

As of 2008, the SSE has approximately 800 members in 45 countries.”

Of the SSE and its journal, journalist Michael D. Lemonick writes, “Pretty much anything that might have shown up on the X-Files” or in the National Enquirer shows up first here. But what also shows up is a surprising attitude of skepticism.”

Dante d’Amore Internet

Secrets of the Seventh Ray

Excellent article (“Secrets of the Violet Flame,” A.R. #86)! Perhaps the question should be concerning light (photons), can photons actually create matter and manifest reality?

I believe that answer is yes! This being that according to Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 matter and energy are interchangeable and energy is carried by photons.

Anita Meyer Internet

The use of the violet flame focused on the government body or simply an image of those believed to be involved in this negative practice can have a transmuting effect on the condition; the key here would be the focusing and the intensity of the love poured out. This is also magic, but good magic. The free will of all involved is not attacked, only the thought and emotional energy sent out.

Franz Kessler Internet

Built on Trash

In your article, “Satellite Evidence of Lost Civilization?” (A.R., #87), it was mentioned that as many as 30 million or more individuals could have lived in the Florida area prior to the last ice age. An article from The Week (“Islands of abundance built on trash,” April 8, 2011), which obviously knows nothing about much earlier civilizations, im­plies that the Everglades were once used as a landfill. thirty million people would generate one heck of a lot of wast­er.

Capt. Paul Williams Kenny, IL

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