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10,000-Year-Old Artifacts in Florida Spring

Divers in Little Salt Springs in Florida are finding clues to ancient human habitation over 10,000 years old. In fact, say the explorers, their finds could go back as far as 13,000 years.

An underwater archaeological team led by University of Miami professor John Gifford has located artifacts on a ledge 90 feet down which includes a greenstone pendant and a carved stone apparently part of a spear thrower’s gear, but, The Tampa Tribune reports, the surface of the area has barely been scratched.

Russian Fears American Climate Change Weapon

Russia is having a rough year. Drought and heat have devastated the lives and the economy of much of the country. During the summer Muscovites suffered record high temperatures, and the government was forced to withdraw the entire Russian wheat crop from international markets. At least one crop, though, has continued to flourish— conspiracy theory.

According to Pravda, the Russian news agency, the deputy director of the Strategic Culture Foundation Andrei Areshev has gone on record suggesting that the “Cimate Weapons” of certain countries may have been deployed to “provoke droughts, erase crops, and induce various anomalous phenomena.”

Areshev’s comments were carried in publications throughout Russia including “International Affairs” a journal published by the foreign ministry. When contacted by Pravda, Areshev attempted to walk back his remarks, indicating that they referred only to a possible theory.

Russian fears about climate manipulation from the West are associated largely with the rumored capabilities of the notorious U.S. Air Force H.A.A.R.P. project in Alaska. Of course, if the low-frequency transmission site has such power over weather, the best question might be: In a time of Global Warming alarm, couldn’t the technology be used to improve climate conditions here? Or would that lead to just more hot air?

Before the end of the last ice age, roughly 10,000 years ago, the ledge was above water. Little Salt Spring today dips more than 200 feet into the ground, and archaeologists have suspected since the 1950s that there were many ar­tifacts to be found at the spot.

The discovery points to human activity at a time comparable to that of recent finds in the Bahamas by archaeolo­gists Dr. Greg and Lora Little. Unlike the primitive Little Salt Springs artifacts, though, the Little’s have produced clear signs of more advanced—in fact civilized—human activity for the time period.

Likely Fossil Location Spotted on Mars

Scientists say they have found a spot on Mars where there was once life, and they think, given the opportunity, they would find ‘fossils’ there. The ancient site at Nili Fossae, they say, is a “dead ringer” for a region in Australia where such evidence of Earth’s own early life has turned up.

A team of scientists reported in July in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters that infrared studies fol­lowing up on the 2008 discovery of carbonates on Mars have born fruit. Carbonates are what life on Earth eventually turns into; and its presence, it is believed, virtually guarantees the existence at some point of at least microbial life while providing an interesting window through which to the study it. Adrian Brown of the Seti (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute and leader of the team used an instrument called Crism aboard NASA’s Mars Recon­naissance Orbiter to identify rocks deemed likely to harbor fossils.

While for many, the recognized existence of microbial life on the red planet may not provide the same drama as the discovery of an ancient civilization, still, the acknowledged existence of fossils on the red planet does represent a major advance for earthbound science. Not too long ago the very word, fossil—referred to by some as the “F” word— could not be mentioned in polite scientific company without provoking significant embarrassment.

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