Energy Whistleblowers Tell Their Stories

One of the challenges facing the energy revolution lurks in federal patent offices. The number of secrecy orders the U.S. Government imposed on patent applications rose again in 2009, reaching the highest figure since 1996. At the end of fiscal year 2009, the government was imposing 5,081 secrecy orders. We don’t know how many of those secre­cy orders quash energy-related inventions, but it has happened. Under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, U.S. Gov­ernment agencies can muzzle a patent applicant whenever they decide that publication of his or her patent would harm national security.

This is written at least six weeks before you read it, because the Atlantis Rising staff is dealing with holiday pres­sures. The more pages for the next issue that show up well before the December 30 deadline, the better. I’m always tempted to wait until the last minute to send my column, because energy-revolution events unfold and change week­ly. For instance the world is watching the energy machine of the Irish company Steorn (, in Dublin. Will the Orbo continue to spin on camera in the Waterways Visitors Centre through January?

Orbo technology evolved from an accidental discovery more than six years ago by the technical company Steorn. Their latest press release says Orbo provides free, clean and constant energy at the point of use and can be engineered to power anything from a phone to a fridge to a car. It’s controversial because it is an ‘over-unity’ technology, they say. Over-unity means it produces more energy than it consumes—without degrading any of its parts.

Steorn’s CEO Sean McCarthy exudes the adventurous unstoppable spirit that makes me proud of my Irish heri­tage. However, he could make his task a little easier by not butting heads with the science establishment. He says Orbo’s output is “an apparent violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.”

There’s really no clash with that law. Energy isn’t created in the new magnetic-based inventions; it’s converted. Useful energy that can do work in the physical world is converted from etheric or energy-from-the-vacuum or zero point energy or whatever the background energy gets officially named when it’s recognized by mainstream science.

McCarthy said that at the end of the six-week demonstration period, technology developers would be able to start developing Orbo powered products. Time will tell if the Waterways demonstration is indeed the beginning of the Orbo revolution.

Meanwhile many other energy revolutionaries are on the move, in locations from China to Minnesota. Today I re­ceived an email from inventor John Hutchison asking for my mailing address. “We got a DVD (showing) these power cells running.” On the east coast, Thomas Valone is figuring out how to tap into zero point energy via the Zero Bias Diode Arrays he’s working on.

Conferences on Future Energy

A highlight of the past few months was Valone’s third Conference on Future Energy, held in downtown Washing­ton DC ( COFE is now the first conference to present a panel of world-class sci­entists speaking on the diverse options that fall under the broad title of fusion—from hot fusion to the “low energy nuclear reactions” that had been mis-named cold fusion. One of those scientists was Eric Lerner, whose Focus Fusion research in New Jersey recently got a million-dollar boost in funding.

Despite excellence of speakers at conferences this year, the shrinking economy reduced the number of attendees at COFE in October and at Dr. Chet Snow’s ‘Secrets’ conference in Arizona in November. The Secrets theme was The Energy and Harmonics Revolution. My speech at Dr. Snow’s event concluded that the energy, harmonics, and con­sciousness revolutions are interdependent. You can’t have a higher civilization without an energy revolution, and you can’t have an energy revolution without humankind embracing a higher level of responsibility and awareness. The buzz at that conference was around presentations by Dr. Steven Greer, David Wilcock, Richard Hoagland and David Sereda, along with Valone and personalities in the sound and healing field.

Can’t afford to either travel to a conference or pay to get in? The solution is an online gathering such as the one that courageous individuals whipped together for December 12—13 —the 2009 Advanced Energy Whistleblower Conference. Organizers offered whistleblowers—those who would testify about their firsthand experiences of suppres­sion—a physical location in the Washington DC area, but the action was on the Internet. The site www.altenergy2012. takes you to AEWC interviews archived on the free website.

Peter Sumaruck

Pete Sumaruck was the first inventor on the AEWC lineup. In his laid-back, humorous manner he told how he discovered and built his Zero-Amp Technology and started doing demonstrations around the country. He was told that he would become wealthy, but “the only thing I got was people wanting to steal it from me for the least amount of money they could pay.”

Before he could set up production in Texas, a U.S. Congressman and a Senator intervened. One of them was in­volved with nuclear power interests, he says. Due to the politicians’ interference and a private company being bought out, that phase of his work was scuttled. It wasn’t an end to the interference. Despite being followed, his phone tapped, a station wagon crossing a highway center line and aiming toward a head-on crash into his pickup truck (he jack-knifed his truck out of the trajectory), and attempts by 18-wheeler drivers to run his vehicle off the road, Pete says he feels safe. He’s living in his hometown in an RV park and surrounded by Navy buddies.

He says his motor is making some people rich in Brazil. Here’s the scary part, the reason humankind has to change its predominant belief systems: a few years after the fact, he heard that these people weaponized his invention. Carried in a soldier’s backpack, it had powered a laser that disabled electronics in a test airplane flying overhead, he heard. Pete Sumaruck says his first patent lawyers wanted him to add a weaponry use to his patent application, but he refuses to invent anything that could harm another human.

Sumaruck’s advice to fellow inventors of revolutionary energy devices? Don’t get patents. Patents are worthless unless you have at least $10 million in the bank to enforce them. Stay in patent-pending mode for as long as you can. Sumaruck also avoids agreements that talk of royalties and licenses, because that makes it necessary to bring in law­yers and then nothing gets accomplished. He advises taking a healthy one-time payment and then resisting talk that still insists that you take royalties. “Greed always screws up everything.”

Chinese Test Invention

Laurence Tseung, who relocated to Hong Kong from the United States, told the Advanced Energy Whistleblower Conference that the Chinese government has a working prototype of his group’s invention—a prototype developed by that government’s own people. His group has been demonstrating a machine putting out three watts of power for each watt of input. The technology began with a theoretical concept called the Lead-out energy field. The device must be precisely tuned.

The goal of the Lead-out people is to send a prototype to the United Nations so the world can see a five-kilowatt free energy machine. If they get that one built, I hope conditions will be different for the Hong Kong group than were the conditions surrounding a demonstration of the Farnsworth/Trombly machine in a U.N. building and a U.S. Con­gress room more than 20 years ago. The world didn’t hear about it and those inventors’ troubles began in earnest.

The Russian Connection

David Yurth is a frontier scientist from Utah who was interviewed for the Advanced Energy Whistleblower Confer­ence. He had been on contract with a Nevada company that had serendipitously connected with scientists formerly from a Russian institute for materials science. The institute was relatively unknown and had escaped notice from Western government agencies. Its mission was to learn about what makes nature work the way it does. The scientists didn’t get to decide what to do with the resulting technology; that was up to someone else.

The Nevada company brought in the Russian-speaking engineers to meet with them at a facility in California. Month after month the Russians downloaded information and boxes of strange materials onto board room tables. Yurth’s job was to learn from the Russians and then figure out how to commercialize the new sciences, technologies, and materials that came out of their institute. Some of the materials had not even been given names. One of the tech­nologies was a method for converting lava rock, a salt, into revolutionary useable fibers. After a fascinating year of im­mersion in these discoveries, Yurth and the company separated because the company moved to eastern Canada, so Yurth ended up writing a book about what he’d learned.

Prospects for the book looked good; he had an agent who is prominent in his nation’s capital. However, in Yurth’s opinion she sold his book rights down the river by taking the book proposal to a lunch at the Washington DC press club where she ended up sitting with Frank Charles Carlucci. He had been President Reagan’s Secretary of Defense from 1987-1989. She apparently asked the former Secretary of Defense “What about…?” regarding a number of tech­nologies that Yurth wrote about. He demanded to know where she had learned about such matters. She said one of her authors was writing a book about them.

Yurth reports that Carlucci took her by the elbow, walked her out in the hall, and said something to the effect that “You’re not supposed to know about this stuff; it’s classified!”

However, Yurth was unaware of that handover of his manuscript’s secrets at the time. A few weeks after it hap­pened, he was happily working alone in a room in a law office. His attorney friend had given him work space there and a stipend that allowed Yurth to write the rest of the manuscript. Suddenly two guys in dark suits with shaved heads came into the office. They didn’t identify themselves and started dismantling Yurth’s computer.

It was their unlucky day. Yurth had just installed a new doorknob that required a key from both sides. So after they threw Yurth out of his workspace they were trapped. He called police and said there was an assault and theft hap­pening. The police came and arrested the intruders despite their flashing of ID cards.

About an hour later Yurth heard from a man who had hung around the Las Vegas company over time while the Russian technologies were arriving. The man was now working for the Defense Intelligence Agency in another state. “He called on the phone and told me flat out that I was not going to publish the book.” Yurth said he replied that he was an American, not bound by any confidentiality prohibition, and fully intended to write the book and publish it. Later his attorney friend took Yurth for a walk in the park and made him understand that unless he wanted his life to be a living hell from there forward, publishing the book was not going to happen.

When he called his literary agent, she confessed. Apparently getting a book deal was worth more to her than pro­tecting Yurth’s manuscript.

The heavies later offered Yurth a deal—if he would agree not to publish the science as factual for a period of five years, they would allow him to use the science in any fictional setting he wanted. To him that was no good. Those wondrous technologies are needed to solve the problems our world faces.

I could add numerous stories of suppression of inventors I’ve known who had answers to humankind’s energy cri­ses, such as the late Paul Brown who was a nuclear physicist falsely accused of manufacturing drugs in his laboratory. Other interference included death threats and a physical assault on his wife.

Tom Bearden is a retired physicist who gave the online Advanced Energy Whistleblower Conference firsthand ac­counts of suppression examples. His two-hour interview deserves to be the topic of a whole article. For now, we’ll give him the last words:

“It is of the greatest importance that our physicists quickly restore to physics the understandings of negative ener­gy and of ‘tickling’ the Dirac Sea (getting our energy from the abundant sea of energy in surrounding space),” Bearden said. To give humankind the final great leap forward to becoming masters of the universe. “Along the way we can quickly clean up the biosphere, prevent and reverse global warming, and eliminate hunger, poverty, disease, and ill­ness.”

By Jeane Manning

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