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The Human as Transmitter

There are two ways to send out calls to the universe that fall into the category of technology. (See “Ancient Alignment,” AR #119.) Since we are all a bundle of electrical impulses, frequencies and vibrations, this should not be considered any more of a shocking statement than those leading to the discovery of radio. When you tune across your dial, you search for the carrier frequency, but when you get there, the audio received is a product of what is modulated atop. So here I ask the reader to consider, to think of, the tribal concepts of sacred sites to be associated in your mind as places useful—potential packages of carrier frequencies. As Richard C. Hoagland points out in The Monuments of Mars the three main pyramids of Giza are stationed perfectly upon the arc of a golden-mean spiral. I have found another that begins at Corkscrew Marsh, Florida; it passes through Coral Castle and goes over the keys. And there is a suspect spiral that may be found to pass through Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and two other sites of ruins in South America. These, and others, can be used to send calls to the overall universe. At Giza, this is what the Sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber was used for. [For more on the controversy surrounding ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, see Scott Creighton’s article on page 42 in this issue.]

The two ways to transmit are of the conscious and the subconscious. Within the subconscious are two different ways of activating the pineal gland: going without sleep or by being placed in darkness. The Sarcophagus was employed as a sensory deprivation tank. [When the sarcophagus was] filled with salt water, the seeker would become buoyant, and in perfect darkness his pineal gland would activate after approximately three days. I personally experienced this phenomenon while driving across country with no sleep. In my case the visions given related to weaknesses in my character.

Each of our planets in the solar system has less gravity at its equator. This becomes a weakness in the fabric of space/time, and it is felt in all twenty-six dimensions. These ripples are transmitted out to all other planets in proximity and usually arrive in the pattern of a golden-mean spiral. The Giza area was drawn up to become a plateau, and the Florida keys were formed with the help of less gravity than the norm. Principle: less gravity means that a human call can go higher, to influence the creation process that begins in dark matter.

I understand there were other temple sites besides Chaco Canyon where there were found mounds of shards of broken pottery. The conscious call comes from making pottery while ensconcing one’s own vibes within and then breaking it at the first rays of sunlight on a key day such as solstice. But at the same time it should be noted that there are buildings at Chaco that have rooms within rooms, so that if a thick enough roof were put on, a person could be encased in darkness.

There is a large misunderstanding that has to be overcome: there is no disagreement between the first sentences of the Bible and the findings of science. The first sentences of the Bible are about the creation of life in the womb of the mother, the first seven days of the human egg. I applied the skills I learned as a Navy cryptographer along with the traits of the Hebrew letters as studied in the Kabbalah, and I am sure of my findings. However, the material creation goes on at all times. After the big bang there are only the super-energized stray quarks of matter to be found in the higher twenty-two dimensions, but over time some of the quarks lose energy value and then are able to come together to make quanta packets, and from there (also after some more energy loss) they coalesce and become protons, neutrons, and electrons of the first element, hydrogen. At that point the gravity of the stars that are formed becomes the method applied to fabricate all the other elements. This is why there is evidence of the pyramids at Giza being hydrogen generators. Referring back to technologies of ancient times, they were primarily concerned with inserting a tap into the normal creation system so positives for mankind could be garnered.

If you roughly trace out the Florida and Giza spirals on the surface of a large globe you’ll see why nothing is being done to look into this area of investigation. There are two taboo words that will slam shut the conventional researcher’s mind: ‘pyramids’ and ‘Atlantis’.

Finally, the Cydonia complex begins with a tetrahedron on the rim of a crater, then (working westward) the elongated and distorted face comes next, followed by the giant face of Mars. The universe is redundant; it repeats itself, e.g., Sedona, Cydonia. From the Winslow crater in Arizona, the path of sunlight passes over the San Francisco peaks and then on to the red rocks of Sedona. Mars is red, and there are people who come to Sedona to meditate. Question: is Chaco Canyon, further back to the East, along this same path?

Joe Richardson, author of The Once and Future Age • Holbrook, AZ


Ancient Trials

Regarding your short article on Homo Naledi on pg. 11 of the July/August issue of Atlantis Rising [“Another Missing Link Shows Up”]:

The skull shown, which was found in the Rising Star Cave, looked as if it had been smashed. The idea here is that this species is part of the evolutionary trail of humankind. This is possibly so, but its probability may be questioned. I have read several articles on the Rising Star Cave and have come to some alternate conclusions. Between two and three million years ago, modern man appeared. It was a revolution: a bipedal animal was transformed into a nascent being—able to master its environment.

It was a being that appears to have had the thinking ability to act above nature. Nobody knows yet when this happened. The thinking is [that from] three to four million years ago to less than one million years ago and [that they] may have been brothers to the Neanderthals.

There is an alternative to the burial theory. Apparently these beings knew of the Rising Star Cave or else they wouldn’t have been in it. During the day, after reading the material concerning H. Naledi’s discovery and the above postulate, I accepted its theory. [However], it was during the night, when sleeping, [that] I suddenly woke up with a start. I was actually shaking. Into my mind had flooded the idea, which is as follows: First, since all ages were represented in this collection, this was a communal [group], as evidenced by the fact they were all heaped into a small area. They were all so far into the cave they most likely exerted much energy getting there. I will go so far to say that all of them were chased there! What happens when a social community is threatened? They all come and band together for communal protection! The safest place would be within the farthest reaches of the cave. I theorize that all of them, within the same time frame, were threatened by something or someone more intelligent, that desired nothing less than their complete extinction! As a result, they all died together—adults, elders and children—at the same time, through the direction of a horrible terror, which is impossible to describe at this time. This cannot be proven today, but I feel to the core of my being that this is what happened.

Monsieur Taileur • Northeast Kingdom, VT


Shroud Controversies

In the two articles on the Shroud of Turin (AR #116) by Marsolek and Sora, no reference was made to the very interesting explication of the Shroud contained in the book, The Second Messiah (1997) by authors Knight and Lomas who were praised by Graham Hancock for their previous work, The Hiram Key, regarding the origin of the Knights Templar and Freemasonry.

Essentially, their thesis is that the image on the Shroud is actually that of Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Templars. They give a fascinating account of how de Molay was probably subjected to a cruel crucifixion-type torture after his arrest for heresy in 1307. They describe how he was subsequently wrapped in a Templar ritual shroud that might have originated in the Holy Land, which the Templars had been so strongly identified with.

The extremes to which de Molay’s body was subjected could have produced a physical/chemical reaction and process, including the impact of trauma fluids, resulting finally, over time, in the image on the Shroud, according to Knight and Lomas, which also accounts for the image fading.

Additionally, it is pointed out how the Shroud image bears a strong resemblance to depictions of de Molay. Moreover, the image has a marked likeness to depictions of other Frankish or European noblemen from that time, in terms of the shape of the head and nose as well as the mustache and beard. And the de Molay image thesis is consistent with radiocarbon-dating results.

Knight and Lomas assert: “Despite the protestations of various Christian researchers, there is absolutely no evidence that the Shroud existed before it was put on public display in a small church in the French town of Lirey in 1357.” And behind that display was the de Charney family so closely connected previously to de Molay and the Templars.

The Bishop of Troyes fiercely opposed the Shroud’s display, even seeking to have it destroyed. Why? Because there were those in the Catholic Church who knew then, just as there are those who still know, whose image was really on the Shroud, and they did not want the people reminded that the Church played a despicable role in the unjust destruction of the Templars, with de Molay becoming a martyr.

This provides a rather cogent explanation of the Church’s puzzling reluctance to claim the Shroud as a miraculous relic from the time of Jesus; it is feared that if the Church did make such a claim, it would eventually be shown that it had perpetrated a great fraud, as well as an injustice.

Stephen J. Cohen • Indianapolis, IN


The Many Colors of Atlantis Rising

I have been a subscriber for many years now. Atlantis Rising is one of my favorite magazines. I have only one suggestion: Having the pages, some of them, different colors, especially the darker colors, make it hard to read the text. Also contributing to the difficulty in reading the articles is the fact that printer ink is expensive, thus, as many publications do, the ink is used sparingly thereby making the type faint. I’m not complaining about the lightness of the ink, as I can appreciate that it is necessary to go light on the ink in order to keep costs down. What I would like to suggest is that all articles be printed on white paper, which would greatly aid in making the print more readable.

Elaine Woodriff • Petaluma CA


Thanks again, for another great issue of Atlantis Rising. Your mastery of color in magazine layout and production puts you in a class by yourself.

Robert Calrow • Cape Coral, FL


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