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Support Your Hard-Working Local Musicians; They Have Mortgages Too

The Internet and advances in technology have now made it easy for virtually anyone to own digital copies of just about ‘any’ song or CD they want, for free. The good news is: You can hear all kinds of music that you might never have heard otherwise. The bad news is: The artists and writers suffer greatly every time their musical creations are illegally downloaded or their CDs are copied. Believe it or not, even songwriters of ‘hit tunes’ are dramatically hurt by this trend.

Most artists want their music to be heard and enjoyed by as many people as possible, but illegal downloading and CD burning doesn’t just hurt the big record companies, it can destroy the careers of writers, singers and musicians as well.


Comfort Music 1 & 2

Real Music


Real Music has two new musical offerings for soothing the soul and unwinding from life’s stress.

Comfort Music 1 is a collection of great tracks from Real Music artists including Kevin Kern, Tim Wheater, Johannes Linstead, 2002 and others. The tunes are melodic, easygoing and great for creating a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Comfort Music 1 is a little more diverse and rhythmic featuring world percussion, piano, flamenco guitar, choirs, flute, oboe and tasteful use of synthesizer. The mixture of soft and lively tracks make this CD more appropriate for more active settings rather than for bodywork or meditation. Overall, the songs and arrangements provide an uplifting, relaxing background ambience.

Comfort Music 2 is performed entirely by the European Platinum selling duo, Back to Earth. This gives the CD a more consistent sound and feel than Comfort Music 1. Synthesizers are more predominant throughout this CD, which also features strings, flutes, acoustic guitar, bird and water sound effects, piano and drums. Because of the somewhat jarring use of snare drums on a few tracks, I couldn’t recommend this CD for massage or bodywork either. The compositions are good but not quite up to the quality of those on Comfort Music 1.

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Feast of Silence

Artist: Vas



Vocalist Azam Ali was born in Iran, raised in India and eventually came to Los Angeles. She is teamed here with percussionist Greg Ellis for their fifth recording together on the Narada label. Their unique music has been featured in the soundtracks to The Matrix Trilogy, Tomb Raider, Alias and The Agency. A moody blend of Middle Eastern, Indian, Eastern European and English lyrics lilt over multi-ethnic layers of percussion, guitars, bass, bansuri flute and more.

It’s an infectious combination of Middle Eastern sounding rhythms and Azam Ali’s unique vocalizations that make Feast of Silence such a musical delight. They use no computer sequences or loops. It’s the real deal, and you can tell. They’re both “really good” at what they do and they seem to enjoy every nuance.

If you want to hear something ‘different’ I highly recommend Feast of Silence by Vas. It kind of grows on you.

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Little Lighthouse

by Christene LeDoux


I met singer-songwriter, Christene LeDoux at a songwriter conference in L.A. last year. She has a quiet charm and sensitivity that can be heard in her music. Her lyrical poetry tells stories with intimate glimpses into the lives of everyday people. The songs have a folk-pop-like quality and feature acoustic guitar with bass with a dash of violins and cellos.

At the time of writing this, she’s on a concert tour of the British Isles. You can read more about Christene LeDoux’s performances or purchase Little Lighthouse for a mere $10.00 on her website,


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By Robert J. Resetar