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Judgment Day

The article by Michael E. Tymn on “Judgment Day” (A.R. #85) is good advice, but it is wrong headed to discount Hindu/Buddhist wisdom about reincarnation and karma from the onset. Recall that the Hindu’s are the only people with a firm grasp on who God is (i.e., Krishna/Vishnu). There is grace and realization, but there is also a karmic bal­ancing act involved. Some folk like to discount Eastern religion and reincarnation specifically due to their own guilt and unresolved energies around past lives.

It’s unfortunate that Nexus magazine has been discontinued in the States. They were an important resource of alternative views on a number of issues including alternative health ideas.

Remember that A.R. has a responsibility to inform folks about better alternatives and the like in a culture that continues to lack vision and to perpetuate its own suffering. When looked at from the future or in terms of the long term, more and continued focus needs to be given to alternative energy with renewables and suppressed free energy technologies. We are already in the too-little-too-late category here and the crisis in the future which we will soon be living through is fraught with a disturbing amount of disfunction and real breakdown and casualties (as defined by James Kunstler’s “Long Emergency”). Yes, there could even be a link here to the “long emergency” scenarios and Biblical prophesy (aka., the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and even the Last Judgment) if masses of people are dy­ing, then a mass event in the afterlife administered by God’s karmic angels would occur.

Vern Alper Hardwick, VT

Mark of the Beast

I am 65 years old now but can clearly remember the hellfire and damnation sermons of the ministers of my childhood. Over the passing decades, I have completely pulled away from the teachings of my youth, but many of the more powerful messages which left deep impressions on my tender mind still linger on in my memories. One such memory dealt with the prophecy that in the “end time,” humans would be faced with the decision to either be brand­ed with the Mark of the Beast (Satan) and be spared or decline to be marked and be persecuted.

Those who were to decline such markings were to do so as a confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, they would in fact suffer greatly for not bowing before the “Master of this World,” but ultimately they would be greatly rewarded in Heaven for having done so. Those accepting the mark would choose between a mark being placed upon their fore­heads or one placed on the right hand. Just exactly what the mark itself would appear like was always left to specula­tion, but the most popular idea leaned towards it being something like a bar code on modern packaging. Every move, every purchase, in short, just about everything an individual did, would be recorded using this individualized mark. Literally, Big Brother would be constantly watching your every move.

Over the passing years, talk of this infamous mark has dwindled and is seldom spoken of today. I wonder whether or not this is because the “mark” came about in such a manner that nobody saw it for what it really was. Whether or not such markings are in fact part of the true prophecies of the one God, I neither know nor care. I would certainly have to ponder the righteousness of any god that would allow humanity to be placed in the impossible position of having to make such a horrendous decision. Having so stated my position, I am still left to wonder whether humanity is somehow unconsciously embracing the “all knowing mark” anyway. Has a monumental deception been pulled on an unsuspecting humanity? Could the Internet, the global telephone system, in league with multiple layers of elec­tronic commerce, already have placed their “mark” on each of us?

Almost any human being can now be almost instantly located. It is common knowledge that both governments and industry keep detailed records of our habits, purchases, preferences, and nearly every detail of our private lives. The “Master of the World” is now a plural. They (he-they-it) are now those that control this new knowledge. As the old axiom states: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Has mankind unwittingly passed control over his destiny to masters yet unknown and unseen?

Capt. Paul Williams Kenney, IL.

Zecharia Sitchin

I was disappointed to read in the September/October issue of Atlantis Rising, the “…Or Not?” section attached to the Zecharia Sitchin article, “Ancient Giants and DNA,” under the sidebar “Critics Remain Unconvinced.” That per­spective would have been better handled separately rather than undermining his submission directly. Over the years [the late] Mr. Sitchin has been quite courageous in offering his readers a consistent alternative presentation of our world’s history, whether or not you agree with it [see “Zecharia Sitchin Passes,” A.R. #85]. He should be given a lot of credit for opposing the currently accepted theories about mankind’s ancient past and showing that we have been un­der the influence of alien beings for thousands of years.

Unfortunately for him, in order to warn us about The End of Days in his concluding book of the Earth Chroni­cles series, Mr. Sitchin had to undermine his own chronology, while not accepting the one presented in your sidebar. He proposes (on page 314 of the book) a date of 10,900 BC for the biblical Deluge; however, three pages later he in­sists that the prophet Enoch went twice in his lifetime to visit the “Twelfth Planet, Nibiru.” Enoch is the sixth genera­tion after Adam and Noah is the ninth, yet Enoch predicts the Deluge and lives no more than 500 years before it. Many Christians, whether they accept the King James or Septuagint version of the biblical timeline, will reject the 10,900 BC date for the Deluge in favor of 3000 BC or later. Along with this the 3600-year cycle for Nibiru will be dis­missed. If it is identical with Planet X, a 500-year orbit fits better with the series of catastrophes given in the Bible.

But Mr. Sitchin [when he wrote End of Days] knew this because the eccentric tenth planet of our solar system was identified in 1983 from its infrared radiation and was observed at least one more time six months later. So its current orbit and cycle time are now known. Although we are not warned, he does seem to favor the year 2060 for the “End of Days” event.

Since Mr Sitchin [was} apparently very familiar with the “Book of Enoch I,” he also knew that no date is required for the so-called “return” of the aliens to Earth, because they never left. They have been living from before the Deluge in “pits,” actually extensive caverns, within the earth’s crust. They are still using the “way-station,” Mars, as well. His book provides a picture from the Phobos II Soviet spacecraft of what is called “a flying saucer” in the sky above Mars. This space vehicle had to intentionally stay within view of Phobos II for this photo op, but then we’re also given an image of the missile which destroyed the Russian probe. UFOs and the beings who fly them are definitely real and full-time residents of Earth. They are the Watchers of NTR, represented by the eye above the pyramid on the Ameri­can dollar bill. No one who has believed Enoch’s report could ever think of the aliens as “gods” again. He pleads on their behalf to be granted a reprieve by a Superior Being. NoGo! The Deluge is intended to eliminate their offspring who are wicked. After that some humans have to do the worst dirty work against the rest of us.

More people should read Colonel Philip Corso’s book The Day After Roswell. Then they’ll realize his message is that the UFO crash was a bribe to buy off the American military, the military-industrial complex, and the U.S. Gov­ernment. They had to deny the existence and cover-up any evidence of the aliens’ presence. Only the most gullible will continue to believe that any organization capable of building flying saucers could be so inept, unless it was inten­tional, to let the American military recover one of their crashed vehicles. Then leading industrial research companies got access to the materials and equipment, which were on board, for new development. Yet they still deny UFOs.

Paul Tremblay Barrie, Ont, Cn

Bacon’s Vault

After reading Steven Sora’s piece (“Lost Secrets of the Bruton Vault,” A.R. #83), I was very surprised that no mention was made of Sir Francis Bacon’s private land holdings across the James River from Williamsburg and James­town. Boarding the ferry at Jamestown and crossing the river, you exit the ferry onto State Route 31. Following Rt. 31 for four to seven miles, you enter the town of Surry. Taking a left on State Route ten south, you will drive for about seven to ten miles before entering the small (and I do mean small) village of Bacon’s Castle, named for the mansion Bacon had built on the modest plantation he had there.

The only clue that you’ve arrived at Bacon’s Castle is a small, green, approximately 24” by 8” road sign with about 3” white letters that read “Bacon’s Castle.” The only businesses at Bacon’s Castle were a small diner that closed down years ago and a large wood-frame country store that was torn down long ago, though someone has recently opened a small store on the premises of the old store.

I would think that the investigators of Bacon’s secret vault would almost surely be aware of Bacon’s private hold­ings. Is anyone aware of any past, present, or maybe even future expedition to search for Bacon’s secret vault, possibly using ground penetrating radar?

Steven Smith Wytheville, VA

AR #83 was irresistible to test with the “Virtual Cone Pendulum” (a dousing device) for checking the frequency of vibrations emitted.

Could Francis Bacon’s American papers be awaiting discovery in Williamsburg, Virginia?

The answer is yes; they are still there and this would be the second time.

I have been involved in analyzing a document “Minerva Britanna” written under the name “Henry Peacham’s” in­cluding many wood cuts made by Francis Bacon, the true author, and they are coded. They represent the history of the continuation of the “David Blood Line and where the Ark of the Covenant” could be located. The coding involves the “Hebrew alphabet” where letters posted to strategic locations vibrate to a define a frequency or combined fre­quencies. In the A.R. article the frontispiece to Bacon’s Instauratio Magna, 1621 is also coded using the same meth­od.

Marcel H. Leroux

Monroe, CT

No Seduction Here

Please know that Atlantis Rising is the only subscription which I personally get, and have gotten for years. Pri­marily, I don’t feel ‘seduced’ by propaganda of any sort. Thanks for the publication or I’d have no one with whom to share my thoughts, my ‘discoveries’—spoken, or those feared to be uttered.

Sherry Sandstrom Newark, DE

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