Atlantis Rising Special Issue Now in Stores

As you will notice in this issue, this publication is accelerating. For readers around the world, this means new opportunities to participate in the Atlantis Rising adventure.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the first Atlantis Rising Collector’s Special Issue on Ancient Mysteries. Available on newsstands everywhere, you will now find our great content, presented, as never before—with a hundred pages (including covers), featuring 18 recently published articles on some of the most interesting archaeological discoveries of our time. To facilitate easy reading the text is a little bigger; and all of the full-color pictures that ran with the original articles are included. With glossy paper and a ‘perfect’ binding, this is a stunning package for your enjoyment. Moreover, stories do not break—as with regular issues—to the back of the magazine (a feature made possible by our choice to limit advertising to only our own material). The Atlantis Rising Special Collector’s Edition on Ancient Mysteries sells in the U.S. and Canada for just $9.99. Hopefully this will be the first of many such issues in state-of-the-art presentations focusing on the unique areas that we cover.

Included in the issue are many memorable articles from recent Atlantis Rising issues: “Crime in the Great Pyramid”; “The Engineers of Puma Punku”; “Maps from Before History”; “Giants in America”; “Easter Island’s Astonishing Antiquity”; “Hidden Chambers in Egypt”; “3-D Stone Age from Göbekli Tepe” and many more. Writers, as usual, are the best in the world on the chosen subject matter: Robert Schoch, Robert Bauval, Christopher Dunn, David Childress, Greg Little and many more.

Pick up your copy at your favorite bookstore magazine stand, order it directly from our on-line store (, or call our office at (800) 228-8381.

On another front: Atlantis Rising is now offering subscriptions to our online PDF edition. You asked for it! So we are happy to announce this handy option is finally available. You can now subscribe to Atlantis Rising from anywhere in the world and save yourself a mint in postage. Automatically receive our latest issue in PDF format, looking exactly the way it does on newsstands, and read it using any computing device. You can order from our online store: one year (6 issues) for just $14.95, or two years (12 issues) for $24.95. When a new issue comes out, subscribers will be e-mailed a link with which they can quickly download the new issue. To find out more, go to our online store ( and click on the “Subscriptions” button at the top of the list in the left-hand side bar. You can also call us at 800-228-8381.

Over the years Atlantis Rising has worked hard to stay abreast of new opportunities. The goal has always been to provide you with the fascinating products and services you deserve; and judging by the reader response, we have succeeded.


By J. Douglas Kenyon