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Another Atlantean Arises

It is my understanding that consciousness is everywhere in the universe. Our minds create definitions of physical things (people, stones, stars, etc.) by delineating a particular field of consciousness and giving it a name. When a per­son recalls a past life, that person probably goes into some form of an altered state of consciousness, “tunes in” to a particular portion of the universal consciousness, and then memories flow into their conscious mind. The conscious mind interprets the experience and creates a field that is then referred to as a past life. This “tuning in” process can be very imprecise, the precision depending on the person, their experience with the process, and the particular type of altered state being used.

Once a person connects with the universal consciousness, many past life experiences are available and similar sce­narios may get mixed up in regards to our understanding of time and place. Time and space are irrelevant to the uni­versal consciousness memories (which have been called the Akashic Record). It is the conscious mind (one particular field of consciousness) that wants to assign a time and place to everything.

So I see the differing opinions about the location of Atlantis (“Putting Atlantis in Its Place,” A.R. #84) as being memories recalled by various minds that had their own interpretations of past life recalls. Each interpretation might include memories of more than one past (or future) life: memories of similar feelings and events that took place at different times and places (according to one’s conscious mind), but the universal consciousness would not differen­tiate between the time and place and thus similar memories could get mixed together. P.M.H. Atwater writes about future life recall in her book Future Memory. In Catastraphobia, Barbara Hand Clow writes about confusing past and future memories.

I myself have had memories of other past (and future) lives as well as the one I consider to be of Atlantis. Reading about others’ past lives has allowed me to see how memories of one life can mix in with memories of another life and thus be confusing to our conscious mind. I believe that hypnosis is a particular form of altered consciousness that al­lows for the most clarity and consistency of memories from only one past life. I have tried hypnosis and found it very satisfying in this regard.

I am very interested in hearing from other Atlanteans about their lives in Atlantis. I believe sharing these memo­ries and experiences helps us to better understand ourselves, each other, and the universe. In particular, I would like to hear from D.A. Dispenza who wrote the “Atlanteans Arise” letter (A.R. #85). Please contact me at

David L. Paulsen Keaau, Hawaii

Seventh Ray

The use of the violet flame focused on the government body (as in the recent Romanian presidential elections) or simply an image of those believed to be involved in this negative practice can have a transmuting effect on the condi­tion. The key here would be the focusing and the intensity of the love poured out. This is also magic but good magic. The free will of all involved is not attacked, only the thought and emotional energy sent out.

Franz Kessler Internet

The Trouble with Atheists

You have correctly pegged “The Trouble with Atheists” (A.R. #86,) as being, perhaps, a form of “brainwashing,” but that is too good a word for what they are really doing.

Those who wish to “prove” the existence of their soul for themselves, be they believers, skeptics, agnostics, athe­ists or scientists, may do so by simply applying the words of an American biologist, Dr. Thomas D. S. Key, who, in re­sponse to a letter I wrote, replied: “Your interpretation of ‘hearing an inner voice’ (while reading or praying silently) is interesting as evidence of our soul.”

You may detect “a still small voice” speaking (silently) in your innermost being, while praying or reading in si­lence, without the hearing of your ears or the use of lips, tongue, or vocal cords!

Ernst Brenner Edmonton, AB, CN

Feeling the Future

Quantum Mechanics indicates that what duality-causality defines/perceives as change is ultimately the processing of data variations, not actual alterations of realty. The future, aka fate, invariably maintains and sustains variations as temporal continuity, so the details of fate are processed as a “presented” datastream which reveals all pre-determined reality.

This same continuity enables the transit from point A to point B, which math says must pass an infinite number of midpoints. Also, it objectifies reality such that this cosmos is the baseline, whereas multiverses only exist in the math-based hyper-dimensional ether, so “discovering” them will only make them real as discoveries; although even­tually, science, like magick, might conjure etheric entities into our own reality. Arguably, the “known” universe is conjured such that only duality’s logic can perceive it.

Though the functionality of mental perception is likewise fated, perception’s hyper “self-perception” intercedes, creating irony, one’s own version of reality. Hence the most common irony is delusion, the technically false yet logi­cal notion that one causes change via free-will effects. Usually, this version is learned as society’s mind-set/vision of causality. The “incentive” for adopting delusion is self-control, which is a precondition for having one’s assertions taken seriously. Yet adopting causality forsakes the “messages” of fate which an open mind perceives as a relevant wholeness that self-perception can in good-faith call inspiration.

Because this linear nature of fate is true by comparison to the cyclical nature of delusion, it is its own reward, so the perceiver is not falsely empowered but instead illogically realizes what he already knew. As irony fades away, in­spiration becomes enlightenment, which reveals the paradigm of oneness-equality, not duality hierarchy. Oneness shows that the future is past; the cosmos has already happened as idea, yet is now being represented/proven in “real­time.”

Ironically, truth is a slender thread in the cosmos; as it were, the everything as perceived via duality overshadows the oneness as perceived via enlightenment. This is because oneness is indicative of an ultimate resolution, which is the holographic peace called eternity. Meanwhile, the gravity-laden universe marches on as programmed reality, yet perhaps one sees light in the tunnel.

B J Street Paso Robles, CA

Planet X

“I will cast the serpent (Great Serpent Mound, Ohio), the dragon (red dragon in the sky), the Devil (Kali, the Devil God of destruction in Hindu scripture), and Satan (name of entity or Lord in charge) into the bottomless pit (outer space) for a thousand years (beyond Earth years; cosmic as light years or other worlds years) and then I will unloosen him for a season (season means it is a regular occurring event).” Planet X, Nibiru, the Twelfth Planet, with six trailing moons returns again and again. This Biblical reference is used twice: in the past tense in the Book of Daniel when it last happened—that was the Writing on the Wall—and in the future tense in Revelation which ends the 26,000-year precession on this side of the Milky Way Galaxy, or two Mayan Bactun. That happens after seven passes of PX. Then, Earth’s solar system passes through the galactic plane to begin the next precession, 26,000 years on the other side of the MWG plane, which completes the four Bactuns and 52,000 year Mayan cycle.

Using the 3600-year cycle of PX passing Earth on a regular or seasonal basis, many of these chaotic times in the past match up with the time sequence of PX’s return from the “bottomless pit” for a “season.”

Rod Linker Internet

Politics, Money & Science

I can add to the discussion of “Politics, Money & Science” by Robert M. Schoch (A.R. #85). In the 1990s I was for­tunate to operate my own building-sized telekinesis laboratory in Florida, a region of the world weak in seismic activ­ity and ideal for examining micro-PK effects. At the time I was a member of Tampa Bay Skeptics, so to those who say that skeptics never do any original research, well, I did, but discreetly and for R&D profit, not to publish my discover­ies in a journal. I was a member of TBS for 15 years.

On my website I have photos of my past lab and describe some of my research. To date I have had multiple visitors from 158 countries, including all of the Middle East (except Libya), Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the expected big players like China and Russia. Nothing from North Korea yet, which lacks public Internet access. I do not monitor my web stats regularly, but sometimes hits have come in from military bases, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and other government agencies. I do not have specifics beyond that. People all over the world are interested in acquiring the superhuman power of telekinesis. Their frame of reference usually comes from glamorous fictional portrayals by Hollywood, of which as a writer, I also have a connection.

Even though I am a prominent private sector researcher, and approachable, so far I have not experienced any gov­ernment or corporate entities reaching out to recruit me into a covert or overt PK research project or think tank. There have been no first-look deals offered stealthily by billionaires or wealthy oil Sheikhs seeking to gain initial or exclusive access to any telekinesis discoveries made by me. So, if there are secret government projects out there as Mr. Schoch reasonably suggests as being an unknown factor, perhaps those in charge are overlooking available prime movers.

James A. Conrad Port Charlotte, FL

The Purpose of Existence

The gargantuan plan for this thing we call existence is indeed complex and very robust. We tiny human beings know little of what is really going on in our local universe. If we were more intelligent and perceptive, we could easily see that we are the reason we are not being notified of the larger universe of beings and systems that are functioning before our very eyes. Just to look at the artifacts of the ancients should give us knowledge of the next level of being and becoming here in Time/Space. If we could only read the striations of the stones in ancient Egypt we would know that they were more advanced than are we now. Who are these higher forms? We do not know because we are not ready for the jump to higher intellect. It is a pity that we dwell here in our own wallowing and simplistic, evil filled, attempts to self-gratify at every turn. As an educator I know we are much more capable, but we do not strive…we are slothful and seek the easy way out of any challenge rather than to excel and move up the chain. Those are not aliens out there; they are we on another level. Wake up!

Orion von Koch Internet

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