Approaching the Quantum Leap

Is Humanity Making an Evolutionary Breakthrough?

Are the children of today unlike any other generation of record? Research statisticians like William Strauss and Neil Howe in their book, Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation, have categorized those born since around 1982 as “Millennials”—the media calls them “Generation Y”—and comment how similar in temperament they are to the Baby Boomer Generation (1943-1960) and the G.I. Joes (1901-1924). Another book, The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived, by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, based on channeled messages via Carroll, puzzles over why she sees so many children with purple auras, and advances the term “indigo” to describe those who are highly intuitive and creative, confident, strong willed, nonattached, with quick, sharp minds.

However, to grasp the enormity of changes now occurring in the human family as a species, we need to move past labels and take a look at some of the research.

The latest comes from Bruce Lahn and his University of Chicago colleagues published in September, 2005 in the journal Science. According to Lahn, “Two key brain-building genes, which underwent dramatic changes in the past that coincided with huge leaps in human intellectual development, are still undergoing rapid mutations, evolution’s way of selecting for new beneficial traits.” Not everyone has both of these genes, the research shows, yet reports of mutation are increasing at an unprecedented rate: 70% of the world’s population now evidences one of them, 30% show two. “Just as major environmental changes, such as dramatic shifts in the climate, food supply, or geography, favored the selection of traits that increased survival skills,” continued Lahn, “the pressures on gene selection today come from an increasingly complex and technologically oriented society.”

Compare this finding with the one that came out in 1996 reported by Sharon Begley in Newsweek: “IQ scores throughout the developed world have soared dramatically since the tests were introduced in the early years of this [twentieth] century….The rise is so sharp that it implies that the average school child today is as bright as the near-geniuses of yesteryear.” The gene pool cannot change fast enough to account for such a jump. So, it has been sup­posed that better nutrition and more efficient schools are the cause. Yet neither factor explains the fascinating incon­gruity that appeared in IQ test scores: acquired intelligence (from rote schooling) improved only slightly, while non­verbal intelligence (creative problem solving) soared!

What are the numbers? Around 30% scored between 150 to 160, making the global leap in youngsters’ intelli­gence a 24- to 26-point rise from the IQ marker used in past years for scoring genius at 134 to 136. In my work with child experiencers of near-death states, I found that 48% of those who had their experience between birth to age 15 scored from 150 to 160 on IQ tests afterward, same range as with our newest generation—and without genetic mark­ers to account for it. But, if I focused just on the younger crowd, specifically ages three to not quite six, 81% scored that way (once they were old enough to be tested). With newborns and those up to 15 months—especially if the child had a dark light rather than a bright light experience—the figure for genius was nearly 100%, with IQ scores begin­ning at 181 and into the 200s. Amazingly, the younger the child when the near-death experience occurred the greater the leap in intelligence. That’s not all. The characteristics displayed afterward by the near-death kids matched the new kids and those considered “gifted” almost tit for tat.

What all this suggests is that the human family could be making a quantum leap in evolution in our time.

During the three decades I researched near-death states, I also studied children in general. I kept noticing “differ­ences” that increased in the population as years passed, skyrocketing in occurrence after 1980. Here are the charac­teristics kids displayed that caught my attention: unusually intelligent (even if they were flunking in school and couldn’t spell), clever innovators and problem solvers, gifted entrepreneurs, exceptional with creativity and intuition, spatial learners with strong spatial reasoning skills (both sexes), a certain ease with the new math and physics, volun­teer-minded, group-project oriented, healers who sought to mend things, knowing and abstract, used conceptual thinking styles at startlingly early ages, tend toward a blending of sexual preferences, tolerant—even as they mature.

Where the new kids trip up is with impatience and anger. Ever hear of “rug-rat rage”? Or, Aaron McGruder’s com­ic strip “The Boondocks”? I discovered that even the most loving exhibit this, a peculiar type of anger wherein they have little patience for anything unauthentic, overly exaggerated, or untrue. These are “quick-click” kids who expect things to come to them and have little or no interest in “process” (the commitment it takes to hone one’s skills and talents over time in order to earn a degree or perform at professional levels of ability). Thus, credentials of any kind, copyrights and trademarks, are often ignored. They are the ultimate consumer with no sense of boundaries or limits. They are groupies who prefer “night school” to day school. And I’m not referring here to dreams. The night schools they describe operate on what has been termed the astral level of consciousness (whether or not the child is asleep), and seem to be real schools in the sense of classes, assignments, and tests.

What convinced me that more is involved with this than just a child’s vivid imagination is that youngsters who have never physically met, yet attend the same astral school, can and do recognize each other and call each other by name once they meet perchance at places such as shopping malls or parks. I have personally witnessed this.

The new children are ultra sensitive to drugs (legal or illegal), improper nutrition (they don’t, as a rule, assimilate processed or convenience foods well), toxic metals and toxic emotions, and electromagnetic fields. They readily pickup “hangers-on” (psychic impressions and attaching entities), to the point that it would be wise to teach them while still young how to keep themselves “clean”—and not just with soap and water (remember, these kids are unusually psychic and sensitive).

“Cleaning” routines that work on the subconscious level are positive affirmations, visualizations, prayer, and mini-moments of meditative “time-out.” Internal realities are as powerfully real to these children as anything mani­fest in the external world around us.

According to prophecy, either from Mayan Calendar interpretations, theosophical studies, or from Native Ameri­can and mystical traditions, today’s new children are said to represent an advancement or “flowering” of the human race, here to return us to the “Natural Order.” What is meant by the natural order is an awareness of consequences, of inner truth (we all know what is right), of living with others different from self, of admitting mistakes (then apolo­gize, correct, move on), of focusing on who we are deep inside ourselves. Typically, at least with those I have studied, these children insist that our intention is who we really are, the true “us.” They know there are no free passes in life, yet, at the same time, they are detached about that knowing and what it entails. They operate more in the “now” mo­ment to the degree that seeking solutions to problems, rather than obsessing over past mistakes, is more typical of their behavior.

When you examine more closely the various traditions of mystical revelation and prophecy (sometimes referred to as “wisdom teachings” or “mysteries”), the concept of “root races” appears. It seems appropriate to take at least a brief look at this concept in order to better understand what has been prophesied about the evolutionary changes slated for the human family now and in the immediate future.

The term “root race” refers to the rootstock or foundational gene pool that is said to make up the human race. The traditional understanding is that a progression of seven root races (“life streams” or “waves” or “evolutionary phases”) are necessary to provide the soul with enough leverage to develop its potential and perfect human form as it seeks to return to Source. Each root race supposedly facilitates a global period of readjustment as it advances, so new growth and change can occur throughout the world. This idea is spelled out in the theosophical tradition, described in Vedic teachings and those of native peoples from most of the tribal cultures, and mentioned by Edgar Cayce.

These teachings appear to agree that the fifth root race level is where we are now, distinguished by the vibratory energy that corresponds to the color blue and issues related to the fifth or throat chakra—the use of willpower. Cer­tainly, questions paramount in the world today do indeed center around how one expresses the power of will. “Do you seek to empower others or overpower them?” is central to this. Challenges of the fifth chakra more aptly concern domination itself and are at the crux of each war currently being fought, each abuse of human rights, each govern­ment and each religion that refuses to address its own short-sightedness. Only individual choices, made one person at a time, can make a meaningful difference where issues of personal will are concerned, leadership cannot.

As we advance toward the fabled date of December 21, 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends, these issues show every indication of intensifying, as will the characteristics of the new children, who, thanks to genetic mutations, it seems, are “made to order” for handling what may lie ahead. And they’re coming in by the millions and in every country.

Some point to what seems to be a stunning synchronicity of fives appearing since around 1982 that support pre­dictions that have been made for this time in history.

The Fifth World is defined in mystical prophecy as a period of shift, of an acceleration of energy on every level, everywhere (referred to as the “Fifth Sun” in Mayan lore). The Fifth Root Race is said to be an evolutionary advance­ment of the human species. The Fifth Chakra is an opening of the throat chakra globally where issues of “power over or power to” take on unusual importance as higher intuition and higher intelligence predominate. The Fifth Brain: new discoveries about the heart indicate that 60 to 65% of its cells are the same type of neural cells located in the brain and that it has many of the same functions as the brain. The Fifth Dimension, what was once lore that one day we would be free of time/space states enough that intention could more directly determine what manifests (the no­tion that “we create our own reality”), has now been verified in preliminary lab experiments utilizing quantum phys­ics. The Fifth Ray, associated with the planet Venus and the virtues of mercy and compassion, heralds the rise of the Divine Feminine and goddess figures like Kuan Yin and Mary Magdalene (the recent best seller, The Da Vinci Code, uncovers the leadership role of women in religion). The Fifth Communication Wave, which is personal computers, came on the scene in 1982, paralleling when the new children virtually encompassed an entire generation. The Five Senses, is now shifting into higher modes of expression and usage (just look at the proliferation of material on intui­tion today and the science to support its value). The Five Types of Intelligence, has been recently categorized as men­tal, emotional, spiritual, holistic, and quantum. Five is the symbolic numerical reference to humankind and the drive to change and progress in life, to evolve. The 14th Generation in the United States (1 + 4 = 5) is the Millennial Gener­ation and it is considered through statistical research to have begun in 1982. These children constitute the first wave destined to operate in a global village—they are the shift generation in the age of shift.

To call our new children indigos, or crystals, or sky, star, cosmic, or psychic is to brand them with labels that box them into exclusive clubs of specialness that, in the long run, cause more harm than good. The recent hype con­cerning “indigos” is strictly a publicity tool for marketing and promotional purposes. It represents the selling of our children.

Psychologists, counselors, and therapists have discovered that using labels to identify today’s children backfires.

Especially in regards to treatment and learning programs, they simply refer to differences as “quirks” and the kids who have them “quirky kids.” Children respond in positive, fun ways to this. I propose that we do the same thing with kids in general: do away with labels that promote exclusivity and simply call them “new” because they are.

The new kids have many obstacles to surmount, yet as long as their parents remember to parent, to direct and guide their youngster’s development in healthy and spiritual ways, our newest of the new will continue to surprise and amaze us. There’s no turning back. Evolution’s nod is alive and well, and accelerating.

P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D. is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies. She has written seven books on her findings. Some of the material in this article comes from her newest book, Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World (Bear & Co., Rochester, VT, 2005). An addendum to the book ti­tled “Beyond the Indigo Children EXTRAS” is located on her web site at


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