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Homer and Atlantis

In the past I have thoroughly enjoyed most of your articles containing anything on ancient Egypt. I have ignored article inaccuracies in the past but (Steven) Sora’s article, “Echoes of Atlantis from Homer” in issue #64 is filled with so many inaccurate data I can no longer stay silent. What are my qualifications to make such a statement? This year I will graduate with a second Ph.D. This one is centered on a specialization in Ancient African History.

Inside the article in question, Sora writes, “There was no ‘Troy’ until Alexander built one.” (Sora, 2007, p. 28). This is historically incorrect. Firstly, Alexander died in 323 BCE (Remple, 1958). Secondly, Alexander did not build the first Troy. The first Troy was built more than 3000 years before Alexander, “Schliemann discovered nine layers of Troy …. the oldest dating back to about 3600 BCE, and the most recent dating from about 300 CE” (Goldman, 2006). Therefore, I beg to ask, how could Alexander—who died in 323 BCE—have built the first Troy in 3600 BCE if he lived more than 3000 years later?

The second issue is the one that made me terminate my perusal as a passive reader and write you. In the second paragraph of the article Sora writes: “That is, until Sumeria and Assyria rose literally from the earth in the Middle East” (Sora, 2007, p. 28). This is historically inaccurate.

Why do you allow such people as Sora perpetrate such data that is not correct? Where is the evidence for such a claim? Mesopotamia was not the “Cradle of Civilization.” I just finished writing a dissertation, using nine different disciplines illustrating that Egypt predated Sumer by more than a millennia. Furthermore, the first Sumerians were not Caucasian but Black Africoids. Neither time nor space permits me to delve deeper into this for my dissertation is almost 500 pages.

The third issue is found later in the article in paragraph five. Sora writes: “The Greeks and the Egyptians inherited their earliest gods from the west” (Sora, 2007, p. 28). This is not correct. Where is the evidence for such a bold state­ment? There is, however, evidence to the contrary from Bruce Williams of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago—of all places—who wrote a comprehensive three-volume study of the origin of Egypt in 1986 (Williams, 1986). Williams was reporting on Keith Seele’s excavations in Nubia from 1962-1964 in which Seele found that the Egyptian civilization (which includes their gods) came from—or more precisely through—Qustul in ancient Nubia which is now modern-day Sudan. Sudan is south of Egypt and not to the west as Sora says.

With all of the new discoveries being made now in science and archaeology, you will soon find that denying Africa is a losing battle. Most scientists today agree that humanity began in Africa. Even as late as a July 2007 article in Van­ity Fair magazine which states—first about the African’s physicality—that “every single person on earth—is African” (Wells, 2007, p. 110). Then the article goes on to say that modern mentality is now believed to have developed first in Africa as well by stating, “Africa gave us the tool we needed, in the form of a powerful abstract mind …. [which] some anthropologists call the Great Leap Forward” (p., 114). There is only one race, the Human race that just happened to begin and develop in Africa. So what’s the problem?

To delve further into this article is pointless. I am really disappointed that your magazine would publish such an article without editing out the claims that are not backed by hard evidence. It makes your magazine, which I have subscribed to for years since the 3rd edition, seem unscholarly and lose credibility. Do you as a magazine, believe that Sumer and the Mesopotamian civilization predated the civilizations of the Nile Valley?

David Imhotep Ph.D. Roanoke, Virginia

Unfortunately one of the problems of producing a magazine like ours is the virtual impossibility of covering sto­ries like the one referenced in the depth deserved. To get Steven Sora’s full argument, one must read his book, “Tri­umph of the Sea Gods” newly released from Inner Traditions Press. Steven is the author of many other books which argue for a new look at a host of scholarly issues. We should also point out, that this, is by no means, the first time that this publication has found itself opposing conventional thought. That is what we do. We try, however, to avoid taking sides in most of the disputes we cover, endeavoring, instead, to air what we believe to be deserving points of view which are neglected elsewhere. Ed.

P.S. We asked Steven if he wished to reply to Dr. Imhotep’s letter. The following is his response:

It most likely would take reading the book to offer a complete refutation of this letter. But to answer one most im­portant detail…

The Iliad of Homer was a stylized history of a war that happened five hundred years before Homer’s lifetime. Homer took the story and placed it in a context where a then-modern Greek could understand. His “Troy” was an in­vention. There was no Troy and no Ilium in Turkey. Four hundred years after Homer wrote his epic poem Alexander was disappointed that there was no evidence of a Troy, so he literally built temples to match Homer’s tale. Alexander’s Troy was no more real than the Wooden Horse that stands between the snack bars named “Helen” and “Paris” in the modern “Troy.”

The other arguments might take too long to answer although the evidence of a Libyan goddess Neit being first in Egypt and long before Isis as well as Athena being an African goddess are strong (and not my invention).

Steven Sora Author of “Triumph of the Sea Gods”

Left-Handed Atlanteans

The Legacy of Atlantis is “sunken” under a sea of propaganda, yet traces remain. Atlanteans were left-handed, and that trait survives to this day, and thrives, though vilified as “sinister.” Yet all the masterpieces of cave-painting were created by “lefty” Atlanteans, to educate primitive man, teaching them how “modeling” Life honors God. Thus began the tradition of “molding” earth-below to reflect the harmony of Heaven above. These “manifestations,” from paint­ings to pyramids, were designed to promote peace and love, as the true nature of the cosmos.

However, this golden age was disrupted by a devastating comet strike, which altered the earth’s axis-tilt, and rocked the Atlantean spiritual community. But the harder blow was a rebellion against the Atlantean message, by fac­tions which weaponized sacred symbols, and used black magic, war, and propaganda to denigrate peace and equality, instituting the reign of devolution, which continues to this day; an Iron Age of conflict, inequality, and strife. Clearly, Atlantis must rise again!

B. J. Street Paso Robles, CA

Mussolini’s Roswell

Enjoyed your feature “Mussolini’s Roswell.” This is a story I never heard of before and your magazine always un­covers some great scoops. It appears that Hitler did get his information on the Italian crashed saucer. It’s amazing, even in 1933, in a fascist government they would have such a strong secretive protocol. There were no slip ups in pro­viding information to other foreign powers. I can only wonder where the Maderno object is now: perhaps when Mus­solini fell, the United States government confiscated it.

Paul Dale Roberts Elk Grove, CA

For more on these and similar questions, see Len Kasten’s article on “The Nazi / ET Connection” elsewhere in these pages. ED

Forbidden Archaeology

Those who insist that older specimens (older than the Clovis horizon of 12,000 years ago) have not been found in the Americas are only “aping” those same “archaeologists” who have swept all such artifacts under the rug as hoaxes and misinterpreted pieces. Found by qualified archaeologists who were badgered, threatened with loss of tenure and outright fired, these artifacts nonetheless exist. Turn your nose up at Forbidden Archeology (by Michael Cremo) all you want. But it is an accumulation of actual discoveries that have been put down over the years because they didn’t fit the going pantheon of ideas. The book gives names, qualifications, places, and in many cases reasons for their be­ing ignored. We are talking about hundreds of qualified scientists; not a few nit-wit hoaxers and wishful thinkers. (Skeptics) don’t slam the book till you’ve read it. It will take a while; it is one very large book. There is a shorter ver­sion; but I recommend the full unabridged version. If only 10 percent of it is true, contemporary archaeology is dead wrong.

Brig Atlantis Rising Forums

No one has yet discovered any vestige of neanderthal DNA in us homo sapiens. As of now there is only conjecture and opinion whether homo sapien and homo neanderthanlensis even could crossbreed.

So unless a number of other similar individuals are unearthed or they ultimately find a trace of neanderthal DNA in us we need to conclude that neanderthals were not assimilated into the homo sapien population.

The area where this was found would put it as a cross with the shorter homo sapien archaic instead of the cro­magnon who were taller and far more sophisticated in adaptability, tool making and art creation.

I’d first look at the sexual attraction factor. Tall slim cro-mag men with an entirely different cultural viewpoint would find few neanderthal women attractive. Cro-mag women would find neanderthal men less appealing as well.

So for a theory that neanderthals were completely assimilated into sapiens we must imagine an almost conscious effort on the part of sapiens to crossbreed. I can’t envision a geographically widespread plan such as that being able to come from both eastern and western European homo sapiens.

To imagine that it was a gradual co-mingling is equally strange for the reasons stated earlier concerning sexual at­traction. Certainly these early races were not given to modern abandon in regard to physical and cultural differences. With few exceptions the prejudice to “keep to your own” would have been strong.

Certainly there would be a vestige of Neanderthals that resisted the crossmating well past 28,000 years ago when

their fossil records stop. We should have found many hybrid individuals with western cro-magnon traits and neander­thal ones.

I for one am more inclined to believe that neanderthals went away due to severe climatic changes over several hundred or thousands of years that transformed their geography from frigid woodland to mild, open almost savan­nah-like topography along with the transformation of game animals.

Wanderer Atlantis Rising Forums

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