America’s Ambiguous Beginnings

One Man’s Evil Conspiracy Is Another’s Divine Intervention

It has be said, that even paranoids have enemies. Sometimes those enemies might be other paranoids. The one thing most conspiracy theories have in common, be they of the right or the left, is fear and plenty of it. The idea of collu­sion behind the scenes may scare some people, but it really depends on who is doing the colluding and who is being kept in the dark. Certainly America’s victory in World War II was made possible because secret plans were made in se­cret and carried out, a fact applauded by most Americans but abhorred by most Nazis. But who can say there was no conspiracy.

In this issue we look at one video with a decidedly negative point of view about what many have come to believe constituted one of the planet’s most benevolent events.


Written and Directed by Christian J. Pinto

Throughout recorded history, mankind has dreamed of building the perfect society, an empire that might some­how satisfy the needs of every man. An ancient legend casts a shadow of one such society that is said to have existed long ago…. Plato recounted Solon’s story of Atlantis and scholars and researchers have debated whether his account was intended to be history or simply an allegorical myth. In the 20th century, according to this video, Plato’s account was further supported by “masonic philosopher, Manly P. Hall,” who claimed that Atlantis had once been a vast and mighty empire that extended to the whole world, a philosophic commonwealth of nations that one day was destined to be rebuilt. “But who would rebuild it?” asks the narrator. Fair enough, but in this video, an even more serious question is, who is Manly P. Hall?

For William T. Still, Hall “was the foremost authority on the occultist side of Freemasonry, the deep, dark side of Freemasonry, the one that most Masons never ascend to.” And, Dr. Stan Monteith declares that, Hall “was one of the leading people of this whole other world that we talk about….”

“America was founded,” says Still, “by Christians as a Christian nation; however, there were always those people on the other side who wanted to use America, use our military power, and our financial power to establish enlight­ened democracies throughout the world and restore lost Atlantis.”  Still is apparently referring to the ‘vast masonic conspiracy.’

Manly P. Hall authored over 200 books and gave thousands of lectures on ancient philosophy, and according to the narrator, “perhaps most remembered for his contribution to the Brotherhood of Masonry.” Among his teachings was that contained in Masonry and all the secret orders was the ancient wisdom of lost Atlantis. He wrote that for over 3000 years, secret societies had been laboring to create a background of knowledge necessary for the establish­ment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world. According to Hall, these societies could be traced back to ancient Egypt who had, for centuries, known of a secret place hidden from the eyes of common men, a place that would one day be revealed. For this DVD, though, such influences are seen as threatening at best, and at the very least as anti-Christian.

Take Francis Bacon, who according to the narrator, “referred to himself as the herald of a new age, and promoted a new universal order for the whole world.” Can this be what early American founders referred to with the words, “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” the new order of the ages? wonders the narrator. And does this vision affect America today? Shown are scenes of President Bush, along with shots of Franklin and Bacon. “When our founders declared a new or­der of the ages, they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled,” the narrator continues as we’re shown scenes of soldiers and a weapon with “DUBYA’S Peace Maker weapon” written on it. “As America marches for­ward, spreading democracy throughout the globe, is she merely promoting freedom or fulfilling an ancient plan? Is she following a course planned for centuries by men who believe she is chosen for a secret destiny?”

The movie, National Treasure, is criticized for its portrayal of Masonry as a positive force, and the claim is made that the film is a propaganda piece for the Masonic Lodge. Says Still: “I think Masons have been pretty desperate over the last couple of decades. They’ve taken a lot of hits due, in at least part, to my books.” Another key speaker, William Schoebelen, adds: “I think it misleads about the benign nature of Masonry’s involvement and what Masonry has been guarding for the past 3000 years.” He continues with: “Essentially, Masonry’s doctrine…is Universalism, which is the idea that basically, all religions are the same. It doesn’t matter what religion you are as long as you’re sincere and devout in your beliefs and that all men may gather at the hospitable alters of Masonry no matter what their religious belief. So, in that sense, they’re very much part of pushing toward a one-world religion and to view biblical Christianity as basically the enemy…”

Also referenced is Rosslyn Chapel. “Within the monument is evidence of not only what the Templars and Masons came to believe, but perhaps a reflection of things to come—the promise of a land where one day their ancient hope might be fulfilled. For inside Rosslyn Chapel, along with the haunting imagery, is evidence of the New World prior to the discovery of Columbus. If the Templars had sailed to the New World, this information may have been handed down through secret societies to Francis Bacon, and before him, to Christopher Columbus. Some believe that Chris­topher Columbus had access to a secret society that had knowledge of the existence of both North and South Ameri­ca.

Yet another key speaker, Edwin Lutzer, a renowned theologian and pastor of the world-famous Moody Church in Chicago and the author of The Da Vinci Code Deception, had this to say of Rosslyn, “Some of us are convinced it’s im­portant that Christianity be held distinct from some of the elements found here at Rosslyn Chapel. After all, the mes­sage of Jesus Christ is very, very unique, but throughout history you’ve always found those who want to blend togeth­er various ideas, various organizations, and various religions. Here at the Rosslyn Chapel, people can come and see practically anything that they want.”

And who are these key speakers? Surfing the web, I found:

Dr. Stan Monteith—Radio Liberty. He writes extensively and lectures on geopolitics has spent 30 years research­ing the causes for America’s spiritual and moral decline.

Bill Schnoebelen was “a witch, vampire, mormon, ordained minister, mason, convert to fundamentalist Christian­ity—some have cast doubt on the credibility of his claims. One wonders why he’s been given such prominence here.

William T. Still—author of The New World Order in which he investigates secret society activity from a funda­mentalist Christian perspective, seeming to suggest that any argument that does not agree with his theology is 100% “satanic,” that those who don’t agree to the letter are part of a vast conspiracy seeking to crush Christian beliefs.

From the press release for this DVD we read: “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginning unfolds the fascinating his­tory behind the founding of America, and exposes the esoteric underbelly of its design.” The “underbelly?” The dic­tionary’s figurative definitions for underbelly are: “a hidden unpleasant or criminal part of society,” and “an area vul­nerable to attack.” Though their comments on Bacon and secret societies seem somewhat reasonable, they clearly want to suggest that these are dangerous and hidden elements.

Is this DVD presented in an unbiased fashion? No. The agenda seems to be to portray a conspiracy of darkness be­hind America’s beginnings, which might set well with some conspiracy theory groups, but not so well with those who believe in a conspiracy of light.

This is a production of excellent technical quality.

DVD – 150 min. approx.



STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN: The Practical Magic of Sacred Space

Freddy Silva

We missed this one in the reviews on crop circle DVDs in the previous issue of Atlantis Rising, so we add it here.

This critically acclaimed documentary by Freddy Silva takes you on a voyage of discovery into ancient temples and their effect on our senses. Silva demonstrates how our ancestors used a spiritual technology to access the invisible universe, and hard-wired it into places like Stonehenge. He further shows that this technology was later encoded into Gothic cathedrals by the Templars.

Freddy Silva is one of the world’s foremost experts on crop circles and the best-selling author of Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles. He is an international lecturer, and a life-long student of earth mysteries and ancient systems of knowledge. He has appeared in TV documentaries for the History Channel and Dis­covery Channel, as well as numerous video documentaries, and has been a guest on radio shows throughout the U.S. Silva lives in Wessex, the area of southern England where 90% of the world’s crop circles have appeared. He has spent over 20 years consolidating, cataloging, and analyzing many aspects of this fascinating and multi-disciplinary phenomenon. Having sifted through volumes of speculation and misinformation, he outlines in his book the long history of the crop circles, with documented records dating back hundreds of years, highlighting their association with megalithic and other ancient sacred sites and earth energy lines. This DVD is based on his book.

Silva says it best himself: “This documentary is a précis of my book, except that it has been filmed across the Brit­ish Isles, capturing the magic of sacred space in situ, its energy, color and aesthetic. In so doing, the bonds between seen and unseen are brought into your living room and closer into your life.

“As science has discovered, the seemingly physical world is in fact a complex array of spinning frequencies. Our ancestors were well aware of this and built colossal monuments of stone across the earth, at locations where the mag­netic properties of nature are enhanced, facilitating altered states of awareness and communication with more re­fined levels of reality. The early Church recognized the importance of such sites and superimposed its own houses upon them. In fact, the temples and Stonehenge are not located haphazardly; they strategically mark the crossing points of an invisible, yet measurable, magnetic grid that encircles the earth points where the planet’s “data storage” can be accessed or influenced.

“Since the late 19th century, mysterious crop circles have materialized with ever-increasing frequency beside these ancient markers in 29 countries. What’s more, these rhythmic designs are appearing strategically along the same grid, and in the process have begun waking sites that have lain dormant for centuries. This program connects a myriad of seemingly unconnected fragments, revealing a picture that is stranger than fiction—that crop circles con­tain measurable energetic properties which influence the rhythms of the human body, its brainwave patterns, even consciousness itself. And they are altering the chromosomes of plants, even encoding the very water we drink.”

This is an excellent production that will take you on an uplifting journey across the British Isles where this intri­guing story was filmed.

DVD – 54 min.




Brion James and Keith Kurlander

For thousands of years, dolphins have been revered as sacred healers, heroes, and emissaries from the sea. Many ancient and diverse cultures from around the world tell stories of the unique spiritual nature of dolphins and their healing effects on human health and spiritual well being. It has even been speculated that dolphins possess powers of telepathy and extrasensory perception, and are equally as intelligent as humans.

Dr. Dave Warner is a neuroscientist and dolphin researcher who has much to say about dolphins on this DVD. When he first saw a physical model of a dolphin brain, he was highly impressed because the complexity of the struc­ture that these mammals house is every bit as complex as the human nervous system. “When I look at the great ape brains,” he states, “they pale in comparison; there is a quantum leap equivalent to the difference between human and chimp and dolphin and chimp. Human/dolphin are on par with their complex neuro structures. They have the hard­ware to be where we are intellectually. They have the social behavior that is every bit as complex as human behavior to the limits that their environment allows.”

Dolphins seem to have an altruistic concern for humans. It’s fairly well known amongst the dolphin-assisted­therapy crowd that when you put a group of children in the water with these dolphins, the dolphins will identify and focus in on the child who is disabled. They’ve also been known to detect tumors that were later confirmed through medical scans.

Dr. Warner adds: “Some key examples of where the human-dolphin interaction has come into play have been with Down Syndrome and Autistic children. Looking at the state of health of these children after their interactions with dolphins—what we find is that Autistic children seem to vocalize to a greater degree. Down Syndrome chil­dren’s learning performance increases after the therapy. The range of opinions on how this is happening is quite var­ied. At one end of the spectrum, you have a group of individuals who believe that this is supernatural, psychic phe­nomena being channeled from other dimensions through the dolphins. The other end says that there’s nothing at all happening; it’s just all in the mind. The middle range says that we must study the environment around the human-dolphin interaction while it’s occurring.

“We need to understand the basic science—how can this possibly be working? Is there some sort of electromag­netic field or energy being transferred between them? It turns out there is something along those lines. Dolphins emit high-frequency sounds. They produce this sound in such a way that it creates a spatial sound reflection. They’re not just beaming out sounds through space; they’re actually sculpting patterns in the water. If you measure the ener­gy, you would see shapes in their sound propagation.

This DVD includes seals, sea otters, and whales, as well as dolphins. Sometimes, the transition from one mammal to another is abrupt, but in general, you’ll enjoy the beautiful underwater photography with the dolphins, as well as close-up shots of whales visiting the boat—sometimes just a few feet from the boat. It’s truly exciting to view these fascinating beings! We’re also reminded of the Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969, a rather timely reminder since pres­sure is being brought to bear toward easing up on our environmental standards because of high gas prices.

DVD—73 min.




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