Advancing Our Case on the Web

When we launched this publication late in 1994, we daydreamed about becoming a kind of alternative National Geographic, but, in fact, we had no clue to what to expect. Now, though, about 18 years later, we can say that while we may still have a way to go to catch NatGeo, a not inconsiderable number of achievements have been chalked up. Atlantis Rising has now become the number-one-selling magazine in the U.S. featuring ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, and future science. Our books have been bestsellers in our chosen marketplace and have been translated into about a dozen foreign languages. Our videos have been downloaded almost a half million times on YouTube. And by the time you read this, or soon thereafter, we will have opened, following a few delays, what we believe will soon become one of the top alternative news web sites on the Internet.

If you haven’t discovered it already, allow me to introduce you to the new We are very pleased with this latest advancement in our ongoing effort to provide fellow seekers of truth with the best alternative news service available anywhere. We hope you will soon be spending much of your time there.

Such developments, of course, do not happen overnight. The latest version of our web presence was years in the making.

Among the hard won benefits are faster and cleaner navigation, new membership options, and more of our very rich content. All of this and even more will be made available to any visitor, and for those who want still more, our new on-line membership packages are available. You can choose bronze, silver, or gold. We couldn’t forget, after all, that the Olympics are coming up.

Many of our readers have expressed interest in subscribing to the Atlantis Rising on-line PDF edition. We can now offer such subscriptions and more. By becoming at least a silver member you will be able to download the new PDF straight from our on-line clubhouse for as long as your membership lasts. The new membership newsletter, sent to you by e-mail, will alert you to all the special opportunities—bonus downloads, special offers, etc.—available to members.

Alternative news featured in the magazine will be provided on-line, as will be our new and improved forums. For advertisers there will also be great deals on new, low-cost banners designed to take full advantage of our search-engine-optimized site traffic targeted at people, like yourself, interested in the kind of subjects we feature. Over the next few years we expect to continue improving and expanding the site.

Ever since first appeared on the web back in the late 90s, we have wanted to create the kind of web presence which could truly bring the many who are curious about ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, future science, and the like, together with all the researchers and explorers who are making the exciting discoveries that will change the world. Along the way we have pulled together a lot of great material, which you won’t find duplicated anywhere else. In fact, we have been astonished ourselves at just how much amazing content has come our way. Unfortunately, it has not always been as easy as we would have preferred to fully explore the resource that we have provided. Hopefully, the new site will go a long way toward changing that situation for the better.

Tell us what you think.

By J. Douglas Kenyon, Publisher

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