A Soldiers’s Story

Former Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean Talks About the ET Presence

According to a recent controversial interpretation of the Mayan calendar, we are now in the final two years of a cycle that began on January 5, 1999, and will end on February 9, 2011. This conclusion was reached by Carl Johan Calle­man in his book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (2001). He claims that the keynote of this period of time is “galactic consciousness,” and that by the time it ends, the human race will have achieved that eighth level of consciousness and will be prepared to move on to the ninth and final level—“universal consciousness.” It certainly seems that serious thinking about our galaxy could have begun right around that time. The Hubble Space Telescope was orbited in 1990, but the spectacular pictures it produced, and the resulting astronomical data, didn’t filter into mainstream awareness until about nine or ten years later. And the ominous doomsday prophecies about December 21, 2012, when some say that our sun will line up with the galactic center, has many scrambling to learn more about the implications of life in the Milky Way.

To many, the full achievement of galactic consciousness depends on the definitive revelation of the extraterrestrial presence and the attendant release of information about civilizations in other parts of the galaxy, and beyond. Coinci­dental with the placement of the Hubble was the emergence from the shadows of former government, military and intelligence officers who have, they say, decided to step forward and reveal top secret information after decades of si­lence. These disclosures began, for the most part, in the early to mid-1990s, just prior to the advent of Calleman’s 12­year period of galactic consciousness. Steven Greer launched “Project Disclosure” on January 1, 1997, through his or­ganization, CSETI. We covered that development in an interview with Greer in 2004, in which we said, “By early 2001, they (CSETI) had an army of several hundred such witnesses covering every branch of the armed services, the NRO, DIA, CIA, and NASA…Virtually all of these people are prepared to testify before Congress.” And so, it might seem, powerful forces were set in motion in the 1990s to expand human awareness to encompass the galaxy, perhaps validating Calleman’s theory.

One of the most important “whistleblowers” to step forward in the 1990s was someone in Greer’s “army,” but whose story, if true, all by itself, could potentially blow apart the purported 60-year government suppression pro­gram. Moreover, the testimony of retired Army Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean, if it received mainstream exposure, might also go far in helping us to understand our place in galactic society. Dean, who is now 80, and has been called “the grand old man of Ufology,” will get, what could be, mainstream exposure this year. He will be a fea­tured speaker at the widely anticipated “European Exopolitics Summit 2009” in Barcelona, Spain, July 25 and 26.

A Good Soldier

In view of Dean’s key role, we requested an interview. He agreed and we met with him recently over three very congenial dinners near his home in Phoenix, Arizona. Through it all, we became deeply impressed with the depth and breadth of his experience and knowledge. In the strange anticipatory way that things sometimes happen, it eventually turned out that his seemingly “ivory tower” college studies in ancient history and philosophy had prepared him for the role he was to play in later life, but with a twist that he never could have imagined. He had completed only two years at Indiana University when the Korean War broke out in 1950. Since he was financially unable to pursue his de­gree anyway, he enlisted in the army and wound up in 1951 as a second lieutenant on the front lines at the age of 22. He was in the thick of the action and received several decorations, including the Purple Heart. When his company commander was killed, he took command. He considers it miraculous that he survived when so many around him died. He recalled one incident, sitting around a battlefield campfire with about six older re-called WWII veterans, when he stood up and walked away for a few moments. While he was gone, a mortar round hit the group, and when he returned, all were dead. It was the emotional impact of this event that started him thinking about the futility of war. He finished his six-year enlistment in 1956 as a first lieutenant after spending three years in Nuremberg, Germa­ny, running a U.S. Army hotel for visiting Allied occupation personnel. Under the terms of the Reduction in Force (RIF) program then in effect, he was not allowed to retain his commission when he re-enlisted because he did not have a college degree; and he was reduced to Sergeant First Class (E7) and assigned to Fort Huachuca near Sierra Vista, Arizona. Dean was the Program Information Director at Huachuca from 1957 through 1963, an interim period at the historic fort before it became the home of the Strategic Communications Command in 1967. During that in­terval, it was under the control of the U.S. Army Signal Corps.

Then, in 1963, Dean was selected for what, in military parlance, is known as a “plum assignment.” He was trans­ferred to SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) in Rocquencourt, France, just outside of Paris, to work as an Intelligence Analyst and was given a Cosmic Top Secret clearance, the highest at that time. SHAPE is the military arm of the NATO Alliance. And it was there, in 1964, that his transformation from innocent “good soldier” to knowledgeable, concerned citizen, took place. As he relates it, he was working one night on the ”graveyard shift” at 2:00 a.m. There was no activity and he was bored to distraction, when the colonel in charge thought he would enjoy shocking him back to attention by giving him a Cosmic Top Secret document from the vault to read. It was simply and deceptively titled An Assessment. Even the subtitle, “An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe,” revealed nothing about the contents. By the time Dean finished reading that book, he says, the old, high­ly structured and predictable world he had taken for granted all his life was in shambles as he contemplated an entire­ly new, incredible reality.

An Assessment was strictly a military study by SHAPE triggered by a UFO incident on February 2, 1961, that Dean says almost started WWIII. A formation of about 50 UFOs, flying in formation, emerged from Russia, flew over Europe, and then turned north towards the pole, all observed on radar. An Assessment was a thorough investigation of the history of UFO phenomena all over Europe written over a three-year period from 1961 to 1964. Dean says that the document itself was only about an inch thick, but the Annexes and Appendices added another eight inches. The conclusions of the study were earth-shaking. According to Dean, the authors determined, with absolute certainty, that we have been actively visited by representatives of at least four extraterrestrial civilizations for thousands of years. Some of the events reported in the book were so open that there was no question of their authenticity, such as the case where a disc landed on a runway in Italy and a very human-looking E.T. emerged and spoke in perfect Ital­ian to the traumatized Italian soldier on duty. In another case, a Danish farmer interrupted his dinner to run out into his backyard to check on a noisy ruckus by his animals, and discovered a large disc sitting there on three legs. Then a door in the craft opened and—once again—a very human-looking alien invited him, in perfect Danish, to take a ride. The excited farmer didn’t hesitate. He threw down his napkin and scooted aboard. His incredulous wife watched as it took off, and then she called the police who called in the military. When the joyride was over, they all watched with mouths agape as the ecstatic farmer bounced out of the craft and it closed up and zoomed up into the sky. The couple was debriefed for three days. It was cases like these, involving ET human look-alikes, that really electrified the mili­tary. That meant that aliens could be walking down the corridors of the Pentagon unrecognized.

The report concluded, “Evidence collected and studied in this report indicates that there is some kind of process or plan unfolding…and this survey (of earth and humanity) has been going on for a very long time, possibly thou­sands of years.” It stated further “…there did not appear to be a major military threat involved… but if they were ei­ther hostile or malevolent, there was absolutely nothing that we could do.” Dean claimed that most of the research and writing were attributed to Britain, the U.S. and Germany, with the British contingent, led by Air Marshal Sir Thomas Pike, previously Chief of the RAF, responsible for the lion’s share of the work. He says that only 15 copies of the document were produced, of which two ended up in U.S. hands. One was given to U.S. Army General Lyman Lemnitzer, the SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) at that time, and the other was placed in the vault at SHOC (Supreme HQ Operations Center). The original was given to the Secretary-General of NATO who, at that time, was Dirk Stikker from the Netherlands. All of the remaining copies were distributed to the other European members of SHAPE. Since there were 14 other members, presumably two NATO nations did not receive a copy.

A Crusade

As with Major Jesse Marcel at Roswell, Dean honored his national security oath and remained silent about An As­sessment for the rest of his military career, which ended twelve years later in 1976 when he retired after 27 years of service. He then embarked upon another career, in Tucson, Arizona, working for Pima County Emergency Services Management, which eventually was partially financed by FEMA. He kept his silence for another 14 years until he re­tired from that career, as the Director. Finally in 1991, at the age of 62, and now really retired, he decided it was time to come forward with his story. He claims that his decision was based on outrage over an incident involving an Air Force ex-fighter pilot friend who had been ill-treated because of his UFO interests, but that was just the “final straw.” In reality, from the time of reading that remarkable document at SHAPE, Dean had spent 25 years in obsessive re­search on UFOs and extraterrestrial influence and had made countless contacts and friendships all over the world in a tireless effort to validate An Assessment and to unearth the whole story. One of those contacts was one of the most prominent and credible figures in the world with firsthand knowledge of ET contact, and he just happened to live right across the street from Dean in Tucson, Arizona. Ex-Air Force Lt. Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens had spent an en­tire year with Billy Meier in Switzerland, and allegedly has the most comprehensive collection of UFO photos and vid­eos in the world. The “coincidence” brought Dean in contact with the very people who could give him the answers to his questions. Over the course of his 25-year investigation, his resentment over the suppression of information by the U.S. Government grew and grew, as he learned from his contacts in the military and intelligence agencies about the secret development of incredible technologies derived from ET sources and the draconian ways that anyone who tried to make the information public was dealt with. And so it was in 1991 that Dean had had enough and began speaking out.

But what began as simply another call for disclosure of UFO secrets quickly became a crusade. Since 1991, Dean has given presentations in over 50 countries and has been interviewed countless times by the alternative media. In a video interview in March 2009 with Project Camelot that was subsequently posted on YouTube, he mentioned that he had just reached his 80th birthday. As a result of that revelation, he was amazed when congratulations poured in from all over the world, some from countries he had never heard of. In 1996, Dean produced and starred in a DVD ti­tled The Greatest Story Never Told, which has since achieved worldwide circulation. In that video, Dean decries the 50-year (at that time) military cover-up as he holds a copy of the Constitution with “We the people” prominently dis­played. Based on the official “party line” that release of UFO/ET secrets would create social chaos, Dean says that our Constitutional rights have been violated by individuals who have not even been elected. He professes great faith in the American people and their ability to comprehend and deal with even the most bizarre facts and circumstances. Fur­thermore, he believes that we have already been deliberately exposed to the extraterrestrial presence by Hollywood, especially by Steven Spielberg, and the majority of Americans already believe in UFOs and ETs. This, he claims, is not accidental but rather the result of the efforts of conscientious military and intelligence “good guys” who have leaked the information.

Over the 45-year period since Dean first read the document that changed his life, he has accumulated a vast amount of information, most of it from very reliable sources. He talks about the spacecraft that we are already build­ing and concurs with the famous claim by Ben Rich that “anything you can imagine, we can already do.” He claims that the US Aerospace Command makes routine trips to a military space station and to the moon out of Vandenberg Air Base, Groom Lake and Dugway, using antigravity craft. He himself stood beside the 40-foot tunneling machines in Nevada that have created a spider’s web of tunnels under the U.S., allegedly accommodating mach 2 bullet trains. Like Dr. Michael Wolf, he personally vouches for the fact that we have worked side by side with ETs in underground facilities. He showed us a Mars probe infrared image of a “city the size of Chicago” under the Martian surface and clear Soviet photos of buildings on Mars. He has practiced remote viewing, and about his adventures says, “The Fed­eration exists.” And, lest there be a shred of doubt, Dean claims that he himself has been on board extraterrestrial craft. While the government would like us to believe Jack Nicholson’s famous line from A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth,” Dean prefers the quote by Jesus, believed to have been the motto of the Knights Templar, “Veritas vos Liberabit”—“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

By Len Kasten

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