A Close Encounter with Robert Salas

The Forbidden Archaeologist

On April 9, 2018, I took an overnight flight from Los Angeles to Zurich, Switzerland, and from there I took another overnight flight to Johannesburg, South Africa, arriving the morning of April 11. I was going to South Africa to give a talk at the Ubuntu Fest, organized by Michael Tellinger, who has done archaeological research showing there was an advanced human presence in South Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago. He has also worked on establishing a more natural way of living, which he calls Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a Bantu word that refers to the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

When I arrived at the airport, I was met by one of the organizers, who took me to the veranda of the airport hotel, where I hung out with other speakers, conversing and drinking until all arrived. Then we got into a chartered bus, about 20 of us, for the four-hour ride to Mbombela, the town where the Ubuntu Fest was held, at a sports stadium.

The festival featured music on a stage, vendor booths, and lectures in meeting rooms. My lecture was titled “Human Antiquity, Origins, and Purpose.” In the first part of the lecture, I presented archaeological evidence for extreme human antiquity, as documented in my book Forbidden Archeology. This evidence, which shows humans like us existed millions of years ago, going back to the very beginnings of life on Earth, is consistent with the accounts of extreme human antiquity found in the Puranas, the historical writings of ancient India. The evidence suggests the need for a new explanation of human origins, which I presented in the second part of my talk. Briefly, we are not machines made of matter.

Originally we are beings of pure consciousness, from a higher level of reality. We did not evolve up from matter; instead we have devolved, or come down from the level of pure consciousness. Matter does not produce consciousness, but consciousness can become associated with matter. I presented some of the scientific evidence for this, from my book Human Devolution. In the third part of my talk, I proposed that the real purpose of human life is to restore consciousness to its original pure state, while satisfying our material needs in the most simple, efficient, and fair way possible.

It was good meeting some of the other speakers, such as Sam Osmanagic, head of the Bosnian pyramid project, and Robert Salas, a former United States Air Force officer, who, while serving as part of a launch crew for nuclear missiles, experienced a UFO incident that temporarily disabled the missiles. On Monday April 16 it was time for me to get on another chartered bus with a group of conference speakers and musicians for the ride back to Johannesburg and my return flight, by way of Zurich, to LA. Robert Salas and I were on the same flight. We spent a lot of time talking in the airports in Johannesburg and Zurich.

You might wonder what a researcher in archaeological evidence for extreme human antiquity and a UFO researcher have in common. I also used to wonder about it. After my book Forbidden Archeology was first published, I was surprised to get invitations to speak at UFO conferences. Upon thinking about the reason why, I concluded that forbidden archeology research and UFO research were related by the phenomenon of what I call knowledge filtration. Evidence that contradicts dominant paradigms in science tends to be filtered out of the mainstream discourse—it is ignored, forgotten, dismissed on flimsy grounds, and, in some cases, actively suppressed.

So it was good to meet Robert Salas, one of the most credible UFO researchers. He gave me a copy of his recent book Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon. Salas is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. In 1966, after he was commissioned as an Air Force officer, he was assigned to a missile alert facility at Maelstrom Air Force Base in Montana. At first he was a crewmember. By 1967, he was a commander. Each missile alert facility was in charge of 10 intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear weapons. The missiles were kept in underground silos, and the Launch Control Facility (LCF) was also underground, in a structure called a capsule.

On the evening of March 24, 1967, Salas, on duty in the underground LCF, received a call from the facility’s flight security controller (FSC), who reported from the surface that several “lights” were moving in the night sky over the missile site. Salas wrote in his book: “He went on to say that the lights were unusual in that they were making maneuvers that aircraft could not do. They would move at high speed, stop abruptly, then reverse course and hover, and they were making no sound.” Salas thanked him for the report and asked him to call back if anything else happened.

A few minutes later the FSC called again. Salas recalled, “This time the FSC was screaming into the phone, clearly fearful and agitated. He said there was one of those lights hovering just above our front gate. He kept talking in a highly agitated voice and said he had all the guards at the ready with their weapons drawn and wanted me to give him instruction on what to do next.” Salas told him to not let anything enter the perimeter of the facility.

Salas then looked at the missile control panel. Salas stated, “We began to get audible alarms and indicator lights on our status board. All of our missiles were indicating NO-GO: they were all disabled. This was astonishing to us because there was no way to create this condition external to our control center in the underground capsule. Our equipment had somehow been tampered with from outside the capsule!”

Salas said, “Just before my missiles were disabled and the UFO was still above the front gate to our Launch Control Center, I vividly recall pausing to look at my status board. I remember getting the distinct communication: We are going to shut down your nuclear weapons. I am convinced I… received that direct communication from an ET.”

After retiring from the Air Force, Salas worked for the Federal Aviation Administration as an aircraft structural engineer from 1974 to 1995. During this time, in 1985, he experienced an apparent abduction by extraterrestrial beings. One night, as he was sleeping in his home in Manhattan Beach, California, he woke up and noticed a blue light in the living room. The light seemed to be moving toward him. He decided he would get up to investigate. But he felt paralyzed and could not move his limbs. Salas then saw a figure standing in the bedroom doorway, and he sensed the presence of other such figures in the bedroom.

Salas received telepathically a message that he would be moving toward the window in his bedroom. He reported that his body lifted off the bed and started floating toward the closed window. Then he found himself on the other side of the window. Apparently, he had been transported through the closed window.

Salas stated, “I do recall that some sort of procedure was performed on me (apparently in the craft). I recall being shown a very long, needle-like instrument. I was informed (telepathically) that the needle would be inserted into my groin and that it would not hurt. However, as they began to insert this needle, I recall feeling extreme pain. When I complained about the pain, the pain was relieved. I do not remember anything else specific to that event. However, at times, over the years, I have had bits of memories come forward—usually during dreams or some semi-conscious states of mind. For example, I recall seeing a large, black, oval eyeball very close to my face. This was so clear that I could see the glassy texture of the eye and even the skin surrounding the perimeter of the eye. I also recall seeing a ‘doctor’ dressed in black, opening and rummaging through a box of instruments.”

My talks with Robert Salas covered a range of topics. I spoke to him about the accounts of spacecraft (vimanas) in the ancient Sanskrit writings of India. We discussed the possibility of the survival of the individual conscious self after death. He inquired about how I had initially become involved in my forbidden archaeology research. My close encounter with Robert Salas reminded me of meetings I have had over the years with other maverick researchers, such as Dr. John Mack, the Harvard University psychiatrist who got into trouble with his colleagues when he started investigating ET abduction events and concluded they were real. Such researchers, although they may not get Nobel prizes, are the ones who are factually probing the far frontiers of knowledge of our universe and our place in it.


Michael A. Cremo is the author, with Richard Thompson, of the underground classic, Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of Human Race. He has also written Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory. Visit http://www.humandevolution.com.

By Michael A. Cremo • www.MCremo.com