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Doomsday Hollywood Style

Recently I made a presentation at a conference on 2012 organized by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles in Albu­querque. Since this coincided with the date for the release of the movie 2012 (intentionally made Friday the thir­teenth) I and most of the conferees went to the first showing after midnight on the same date. At that time the thea­ter was full with an audience larger than at the 2012 conference we had been attending, in which we had been discussing what we considered the “real” story of the Mayan calendar. As one might expect, 2012, the movie, got everything wrong. Moreover, it is noteworthy it seems that no effort whatever had been made to get anything right.

To begin: it supports the urban legend that the Maya predicted that the world would come to an end. Obviously, though, end-of-the-world scenarios sell more tickets. The producer Roland Emmerich knows this well—his long se­ries of catastrophe movies have earned him the title “The Master of Disaster.” I did enjoy seeing his early catastrophe movie SOS Poseidon, but what makes the production of the 2012 movie more questionable—ethically speaking—is that he is dealing with a factual matter, the Mayan calendar, which many of us consider to be of immense importance for people of the world today. The movie distorts this fact beyond recognition.

The widespread claim that the Maya said that the world will come to an end in 2012 is, of course, not true. The contemporary Maya do not say that and there is no ancient Mayan source that says this. Instead, what the only exist­ing ancient Mayan inscription says is that when the calendar comes to an end, nine cosmic forces will descend; and it is these nine forces in which serious students of the Mayan calendar are interested. Not surprisingly, this is not a mo­vie I would recommend to anyone; but since I am so involved with the topic, I felt obligated to see it. I should say, however, that the movie was not as scary as I had expected. Having seen Independence Day, made by the same direc­tor in the nineties, I found 2012 to be simply standard Hollywood fair with the typical ingredients, including presi­dential worship and sentimental family drama, which gives no one a reason to think more deeply about the topic. Maybe this was exactly the purpose. It does, however, make a few observations that seem relevant to a more serious perspective (i.e., the precarious situation of the U.S. dollar and possible demands for the cancellation of debts). Yet, these phenomena do not really seem connected to the Mayan calendar or to be the result of the ‘cosmic plan’ in this movie.

The actual Mayan calendar, as a serious description of a cosmic plan, is of course not even mentioned nor, for that matter, is the notion that the real end date has to be something other than December 21, 2012. Overall, though, I cannot say that the movie 2012 is any more silly than other new age ideas concerning an event expected to happen on the particular date December 21, 2012 (i.e., pole shift, Nibiru, galactic alignment, or solar flares). In reality no such event could ever have been predicted by the ancient Maya; but to many who do not want to think outside of their existing box, these notions have become urban legends, and Hollywood is tapping in to, and reinforcing, them. What the ancient Maya would have been able to do, however, would have been to sense the shifting energies of time in the same way that thousands of people today are rediscovering the daily use of the sacred calendar and that there is a reality to the shifting energies that it describes. The reason that the Maya, as are an increasing number of people to­day, were sensitive to these energies is that they influence our consciousness and change who we are. Hence, we are now fast approaching, in terms of the Mayan Calendar, the ninth of the evolutionary levels, which may be expected to generate a new unity of consciousness.

But to highlight this fact is far from the purpose of this movie. In 2012 no transformation is discernible in hu­man beings over time. People remain basically the same. The purpose of the 2012 movie seems, in fact, to be to dis­tract people from any ongoing transformation of consciousness and any associated socio-economic changes. The best way of doing this is to focus on so-called Earth changes which we really have no real reason to believe will happen in the years ahead. Nevertheless, this seems to be the line of thinking to which many have been wired.

So even if I did not think that the movie was as frightening as I had expected, it may still have a negative effect. Some people actually believe that the Maya said that the world will come to an end and that we have reasons to be­lieve it. One web site advertising the movie implies that this is the case. A friend told me not too long ago that his nine-year-old daughter had watched the movie trailer and been paralyzed by fear and for children even the rumors about the content of this movie may have a devastating effect. While parents may be able to block their children from watching porno and violence on the Internet, they cannot block them from watching these kinds of trailers or hear­ing these kinds of rumors which spread to the schools where they become virtual “facts” postulating that the world will end because the Mayan calendar does.

A curious result of the movie, and the fact that at least in one form the Mayan calendar has gone mainstream, is that academics have become engaged in debunking its validity. A NASA scientist says that he was getting some twenty emails a week asking about the possible arrival of the planet Nibiru or a galactic alignment in 2012 (obviously with­out any foundation whatsoever) and so decided to write a ready-made Q/A on the subject for the public. Thus, NASA, and some Mayanists, have seen it necessary to issue statements that the world will not come to an end in 2012. While I may agree with that conclusion, it seems odd to me that astronomers or Mayanists, who have never studied the evolution of consciousness, would have anything of relevance to say on the matter. To understand the nine levels of evo­lution described in the ancient description of the end date, it is not sufficient to be an expert in any particular aca­demic discipline such as Mayanism or astronomy. What is required is that you take a holistic approach, integrating knowledge from historical and biological evolution in all of its aspects. To understand the big picture of the Mayan calendar, one must see the patterns of evolution of consciousness, and there is no way to do that by directing tele­scopes at the sun or the center of the galaxy. Hence, while these astronomers may be able to debunk, and rightly so, a galactic alignment (which happens every year and does not mean anything in particular in 2012), Nibiru, or a pole shift, they are not even aware that these are misinterpretations of the Mayan calendar to begin with—which is really about the evolution of consciousness. This shadow boxing, where astronomers debunk what the Mayan calendar is not about, shows what a strong grip materialism has on the world today. The mainstream scientists and the media are simply not considering serious research about the Mayan calendar to be a phenomenon of consciousness, and they continue to emphasize the date December 21, 2012, to distract us from any possibility of co-creating a new world. It is so much easier to concoct some simple idea about what will happen in 2012 (such as a giant solar flare, a galactic alignment or a magnetic pole shift) than to communicate our higher purpose and the necessity for people to participate in the manifestation of the cosmic plan if this is to happen. This also attests to the difficulty of conveying the existence of a divine plan that operates through quantum shifts in consciousness that are really not directly mea­surable but is clear from all the effects produced over billions of years.

It is worrisome that plans are said to be underway by Emmerich to create some kind of a television series on the topic of 2012, since this surely would continue to keep people in the dark about the actual change that is meant to re­sult from the transformation of consciousness. Nonetheless, the very fact that this film was made and that some su­perficial knowledge about the Mayan calendar has reached the mainstream does reflect the fact that people, at least on some level, are becoming aware that this universe is going somewhere and has a purpose. Hopefully many will go on to explore this in more serious ways and see that there is indeed hope for humanity if we are willing to co-create it.

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By Carl Johan Calleman

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